27 Jun Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith. Rob Bell, Author. Zondervan $ (p) ISBN 14 Apr Time magazine recently called Rob Bell “The Hipper-Than-Thou-Pastor” ( Thursday, Dec. 06, ). This, along with the fact that his influence. Order: Amazon / iBooks / Barnes and Noble For thousands of years followers of Jesus, like artists, have understood that we have to keep going, exploring what it .

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The 10 Best Emily Dickinson Poems. Repainting the Christian Faith. In Sweet’s view the church has two choices—either become emergent or disappear into cultural irrelevance. Instead, Bell encourages us to intentionally probe into the Bible with our questions in order beell discover new ways of understanding who God is and becoming comfortable with humility in belief.

Bell recounts how, at one point, he was ready to run away from it all. Jesus’ saying that he is the way the truth and the life John I’ve been told I need to believe in Jesus. Does that sound right? Inspired by Brian McLaren’s A New Kind of ChristianBell and other emergent pastors are “looking for a faith colorful enough for their culturally savvy friends, deep enough for mystery, big enough for their own doubts.

Ships from and sold by Amazon. Many find Rob Bell controversial and even blasphemous, but maybe that’s because the truth hurts. The danger lies from the consistent use of argumentation that Christianity must let go of Doctrine and the need to fight for Orthodox doctrine and instead the fight should be to love Jesus and to love others as Jesus loved others.


The vell is vellvet in the exact way that he speaks, making it a true trade mark accomplishment and a different style all together.

Rob Bell makes me angry: a pastoral response to Velvet Elvis

What happens then is that the wall becomes the sum total of the beliefs, and God becomes as big as the wall. You may unsubscribe from these email communications at any time. Secondly, Bell seems to be both adopting the liberals’ method and doing so for the very same reasons.

When did Paul ever suggest that his primary calling was to discover himself or be true to his own personality traits? His casual, hip tone can grate at times, and his footnotes, instructing readers to drop everything and read the books that have influenced him, grow old.

Rob Bell makes me angry: a pastoral response to Velvet Elvis

He has an ability to sum up constructive views of scripture in succinct and challenging little sentences. And as much as I appreciated his stream of consciousness, at the end of the night it fell lackluster. This is commendable and explains in large vekvet his appeal to the largely churched Grand Rapids Christian community.

By submitting your email address, you understand that you will receive email communications from Bookperk and other HarperCollins services. Good God made the elvjs good and “Jesus is God’s way of refusing to give up on his dream for the world” p. That’s a good idea no matter the other things.


Start reading Velvet Elvis: While the world is rethinking its entire cultural formation, it is time to find new ways of being the church that are true to our postmodern context.


Q&A 1295 – What do you think of Velvet Elvis (by Rob Bell)?

It is possible for a movie to be a “Christian” movie and to be a terrible movie. Rob Bell makes me mad because he writes off the virgin birth of Jesus as non-essential pp. Marriage to a Roman Catholic?

It struck me reading the letter that you rarely defend a trampoline. We throw ourselves into our work because everything is sacred. Why doesn’t Bell talk about ellvis like the Bible does? Evidence That Demands a Verdict: The meaning of all these things depends on the context in which they are done. The church grew tremendously by word-of-mouth only.

Chapter 1 was about the need to update Christian doctrine to make it relevant to contemporary society, so he lost me there. Thus the “experience” of the spirit of Christ was the “resurrection” that mattered.