Walking with a Himalayan Master has 47 ratings and 6 reviews. and Living With the Himalayan Masters, I wholeheartedly recommend anybody interested in . Living with the Himalayan Masters. ; f Swami Rama Contents Introduction by Pandit With only a blanket, a walking stick, and wooden sandals, he traveled all. A skeptical American scholar reluctantly meets a great Himalayan master and a new yoga masters and also shows that authentic discipleship is possible in the West. “In Walking with a Himalayan Master Dr. Justin O’Brien exhibits the real.

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Behind all the great works done by the great leaders of the world stands this shakti. And from whom have they learned?

Residential Program

During a Hindu wedding the bride hikalayan groom participate in a fire ceremony and take seven steps around the fire.

A tender mind can be bent easily. Prasad D rated it liked it Jan 27, It is one of the most abstruse books in Vedantic literature. However, other programs are also conducted there.

The priest, who knew me well, was shocked to see my horrible condition. The biography of Swami Rama.

Swami Rama

It needs protection so that the diverse opinions of others do not create confusion in the mind. His wife was already in love with a doctor, and the two lovers conspired to poison the prince.

My father was having dinner when my master arrived, and my mother answered his knock at the door. Terraced fields below a Himalayan village The villagers are dependent on the plains only for salt and for oil to bum in their lamps.

The word Himalaya comes from Sanskrit words: A partial truth is not truth at all. Even modern poets of Hindi and Urdu like Prasad and Ickbal could not resist composing poems on the Himalayan beauty. Sarita rated woth really liked it Dec 17, Conscience is the best of guides.


Non- attachment or love can be practiced by those who live in the world as well as those who are renunciates. Nothing could be achieved without selfless service. Let this be a final lesson to you. However, the Dalai Lama and a handful of his followers have migrated to the foothills himaoayan the Himalayan mountains in India.

Your lips should be so close you can whisper to them. Practically all the homes of this area worshipped Mother Divine, calling her Ma Kali. I did not even bathe. It said that only very advanced yogis should do this practice and that if it were not done properly it was very dangerous.

Masters and sages do not want to recall their past, nor do they attach much importance to birthdays, age, or birthplace. Refresh and try again. Before you came I was enjoying the company of my Friend within.

People there knew that I was practicing himlaayan and could not ask for food, so they brought me a meal once a day.

Find out if you are making inappropriate demands, and instead of demanding from the teacher, transform yourself from within. Then we met again afterwards. He was famous there as a maulavi, a priest who leads the prayers in the mosques and knows the Koran, the sacred bible of Islam. Then she put water in a big vessel and put it on the fire to boil. When the initiation ceremony is performed, the renunciate himself performs his last rites and then deliberately forgets about his birthplace and the people with whom he has previously lived.

My master stayed there for a week, guiding my father wqlking finally instructing him to return to his home, which was at the height of about 5, feet in the hills of Uttar Pradesh.


The prince eventually regained possession of his property and wealth, but ironically, he died a year later. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Treat them as means for spiritual progress. Before I was like a speck of dust drifting along the roadside.

If you go to a shrine high in the mountains and drop your purse on the path, it will still be there when you come back weeks later. Will you bless this child for me? Systematic study under a self-realized and competent teacher helps in purifying the ego; otherwise scriptural knowledge makes one egotistical.

This is one of the modifications of the mind, like fancy, fantasy, symbol, and ideas. I did not know what a mother and father could give, but my master gave me everything, and he has never expected anything in return, nor had I anything to give. He was fond of me and became very possessive. My Gurudeva and Parents My father was a well-known learned Sanskrit scholar and a highly spiritual man. In the morning they are silvery, at noon they are golden, and in the evening they look red.

I met mastters masters who live and travel there, studied at their qalking and experienced their spiritual wisdom. Not having human company or communication brought me great peace and serenity. Modern students expect immediate results from meditation, and this expectation causes them to fantasize, imagine, and hallucinate many things which they think are spiritual experiences but are actually products of their unconscious minds.