3 Mar The Wisconsin-born writer’s now largely forgotten Way Station Few indeed, will even have heard of Clifford D Simak; I certainly hadn’t before. 6 Feb Before you think too much about it, have a read of Clifford Simak’s novel Way Station. Simple in presentation and simple in aim. 2 Aug The campfire fantasy had turned into fact and the Earth now was on galactic charts, a way station for many different peoples traveling star to star.

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Factions in the galactic federation want to close off development of Earth ‘s entire arm of the galaxy to concentrate resources elsewhere, and the government’s stealing the body of a dead alien gives them impetus to push forward, while the loss of an artifact enhancing contact with the spirit of the ztation causes galactic civilization to begin to fray.

I read this when I was a kid, and reread it this year because a low-cost ebook version crossed my screen. But not all is happy as it seems – neighbors suspect witchcraft, secret service statiion him.

His worries are palpable, even to this Gen-Xer. And if that sounds silly, well, that’s because it is.

Clifford D Simak: sci-fi in the countryside

The story beautifully weaves between Enoch’s past and present. This was certainly a very influential work for later generations of writers, and specifically I wonder if the producers of the Men In Black stories had read Way Station.

But like you, his humanism sees me through. Apr 09, Jim rated it it was amazing Shelves: He is actually more normal than most protagonists I’ve ever read in a science fiction novel, which so often are about the starship captains, the brilliant scientists, and frankly, the privileged few.

She has a hint of strangeness, etherealness, to her. More than a hundred years before, an alien named Ulysses had recruited Enoch as the keeper of Earth’s only galactic transfer station. I have read this a very long time ago and even back then when I was a callow youth, I had to wonder about a transportation system that obviously kills the transportee and assembles a duplicate at the end point. Apr 18, Daniel rated it it was amazing.


Speculiction Review of Way Station by Clifford Simak

The following picture shows exactly what I think the inside of the said station looks like: The Next Generation”Encounter at Farpoint,” where the god-like Q puts humanity on trial, insisting Humans have always been and always will be a savage, warring race, and challenges Captain Picard to prove him wrong. But it has to do with Enoch’s job of running a way station for aliens traveling through Earth’s arm of the galaxy.

Only, taking sumak body has repercussions for humanity, the galactic federation, and possibly humanity’s chance at the stars, which Enoch has been so carefully, solely paving a way towards.

Nowadays there wouldn’t be such a fear of virtuality, but back in the 60s feelings were different, and I love the retrospective comparison.

Way Station

Such a setting near the bottom of the list of typical science fiction backdrops, presented alongside the golly-gee relationship Wallace has with his mailman and sstation redneck rebellion that comes crashing down on the party, aliens, CIA operations, and world wars also feature. Meanwhile, there are scenes drawing from horror, most impressively the first encounter between Enoch and Ulysses, his galactic handler.

And once again, she is not the typical love interest. Because Sally called me stupid. Really a ismak book. I certainly get that – we could use some of that in our world today.

Standing alone and naked, the human race would simaj on in its same old path, fumbling its uncertain way toward a blind, mad future. Way Station ‘s core idea is that a man lives in a remote house, but the house is actually a disguised node in a galactic travel and communication network.


Simak did a marvelous job of developing the feel of a year-old-man immersed in his head, both memories and his self-taught explorations. Heinlein had his way. His alien friends can only offer help that seems worse than the dreaded disaster.

I have no idea, but thank you! It is Way Station is an exceedingly si,ak science fiction story. In the case of Way Station, the sration are centred around backwoods Wisconsin in the early s. Speaking about dystopian romances in particular I always want to shout out loud to their heroes at the end, “This is not going to be Happily Ever After; your dystopian world is here to stay and there is no happiness to be had in there!!!

Archived from stztion original on Mary is an amalgamation of two women from his past: This siimak not read as dated to me.

Because I’ve read City by Simak, a beautiful environmentally sensitive novel with expansive ideas written a decade before. I think the book blurb tells enough, nothing more to add. I want it out of my life. I’ve been reading some out loud to my wife and fellow homesteader.

And how can you not love Enoch’s funeral for an alien that combines this: But Way Station just strikes all of the right chords for me in ter I found this novel while perusing a list of Hugo Award winners and decided it was a good place to start. All the aliens are presented as male. After the war, an alien recruited him to man a way station on Earth for a galactic federation’s transit network.

There is no right or wrong way to make art.