Well Completion and Servicing (Oil and Gas Field Development Techniques) [ Denis Perrin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book. 18 Jan Production Operations: Well Completions, Workover, And Operations: Well Completions, Workover, And Stimulation Library Download Book. This book provides technical information on well completion, from drilling in the pay zone to It also covers the main methods for artificial lift, and well servicing.

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The equipment of naturally flowing wells. They may be suitable for wells that produce a fluid that causes no problems at a very high flow rate.

Sign In Register Help Cart 0. Putting the well on stream also includes a clearing, or unloading phase.

Other precipitates can also be formed, such as potassium and sodium fluosilicates when the hydrofluoric acid concentration is highprecipitates of colloidal silica in the presence of aluminum when the hydrofluoric acid concentration decreasesor precipitates of ferric hydroxide when the pH becomes less acidetc. Multiple-zone completions In the past, the technique of producing several levels together through the same tubing was used It required only a minimum amount of equipment.

Depending on the case, the above equipment can be actuated: Plugging occurs less quickly lower velocity reducing fine particle entrainment, larger inlet area and has less effect on the productivity longer drain hole.

The filter cake that is formed on the borehole wall is not particularly troublesome, at least not in production wells. Let us point out that there may be local regulations restricting the production rate or the flow rate per well. On the other hand it does not characterize the cement-formation bond quality as well. It is more difficult to lower the bottom- hole pressure and, as it actually becomes lower, the pressure in the reservoir near the wellbore also tends to decrease.

Well Completion and Servicing – PERRIN Denis

Stability The fluid must exhibit good stability with time and mainly be able to withstand the reservoir temperature. This decrease, particularly versus time, depends on the anx of in-place fluids Although fresh water is detrimental, there is no rule for salt water, and oil and gas do not have any adverse effect.


This helps assess the skin effect, but pdrrin nothing more than an overall picture of damage that is the result of several factors, in perrim of formation plugging itself. However, the cost is high, there are safety risks and more pump- ing power is required.

Inflatable casing packers are commonly used in existing horizontal wells. Gathering the data As for any operation on a well, all the relevant data must first be gathered and a synthesis must be made.

The essential fac- tors are: Cased hole gravel packing is then usually cho- sen, or sometimes gravel packing with a window in the casing.

There are two types of stress: The main cases are presented below. Note that there may be a contradiction between certain required properties: This should be compared with the few tens or hun- dreds of millidarcys that is typical of sandstone permeability. However, it should be pointed out that the flow capacity evolves over time and unfortunately tends to decrease. This means that the conditions for a blowout are all present. At shallow depths, i. Check to see that they are all compatible with each other, with the treatment and formation fluids and with the formation itself.

It is held before the injectivity test and treatment in order to: The production string or tubing. Maintaining pressure by injection comes under the heading of what is called secondary or artificial production or recovery or drive.

Well servicing and workover. The advantage of these methods is that they allow the slurry to be pumped down to per- foration depth before squeezing. Such a procedure can make later workover easier or unnecessary.

The information obtained from this exploration well will help to complete the data already available from geology, geophysics, and so forth. Single-zone tubingless completions Fig. Characteristics required for completion fluids Based on the main requirements making sure the well is safe, preventing damage to the well, cleaning the well the following characteristics are the most important. A drop in absolute permeability can also be due to precipitates if the salts in solution in the fluids in place are incompatible with those in the fluids that penetrate the formation during the various operations carried out in the well including treatment.


No confusion should be made between gas injection to maintain pressure injection into the reservoir itself, far from the production well and generally into a gas cap and gas injection to lift production from a well by gas lift injection directly into the production well.

Well Completion and Servicing

Even in this case, it is important for the problem to be solved as soon as the com;letion is brought on stream to maintain technical efficiency and avoid costly workover jobs. To prevent this, the sand-out or screen-out technique can be implemented. Some orders of magnitude Table 2. The VDL shows an attenuated signal that has travelled through the casing and a strong signal that has travelled through the formation. During this production testing, or well testing, the aim is mainly to take samples and record the variation in bottomhole pressure following a variation in flow rate the well is pro- duced at a settled production rate Q or shut in after a settled production rate Q.

However, it may be difficult afterwards to stabilize the well in order to pull out the temporary equipment. The tool also has the asset of being insensitive to any microannulus less than 0. The methods that can be implemented are as follows: Moreover, a lot more sand can accumulate eell the drain hole before it gets plugged up. Hydraulic fracturing is suitable only for properly consolidated formations sandstone, car- bonates as opposed to plastic formations shales, poorly consolidated sands In addition, it is a highly unadvisable process if it might allow the unwanted inflow of a nearby fluid if there is an interface.

On the contrary, the cake limits filtration, thereby reducing damage to a producing layer. The preceding drilling phase complegion stopped just above the reservoir or at some distance above it and an intermediate casing was then run in and cemented.