The nine bus rattled over the bridge as the sun disappeared beyond the buildings to the west. Laurel leaned against the window watching brick-lined blocks fly. Read “Willing Victim” by Cara McKenna with Rakuten Kobo. A re-release of the fan favorite, with light revisions and an expanded ending. For the past. 29 Jul Willing Victim is definitely not a book for everyone, but if you’re interested in a I was excited to hear that Cara McKenna had regained the.

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Laurel is incredibly turned on by the scene.

Willing Victim: Remastered by Cara McKenna — All About Romance

Would I re-read this book: View all 10 comments. I find it hard to believe that Laurel, a 29 year old woman, would easily accept an invitation to meet a man in the basement of a bar and then go there by herself. Normal story lines have an introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and conclusion.

View all 17 comments.

View all 87 comments. Since she began writing inCara McKenna has published nearly forty romances and erotic novels with a variety of publishers, sometimes under the pen names Meg Maguire and C.

Willing Victim (Flynn and Laurel, #1) by Cara McKenna

Wiling my husband might’ve had something to say about that???? Wanted to be here to patch him up, to call him on his bullshit and get called out in return, to explore the darker depths of her mind and body with this patient, real, occasionally obnoxious man.


The scene is erotically charged and has a voyeuristic fantasy feel to it.

Muscles ticced and jumped in his arms as he stripped cotton bandages off his wrists and tossed it in the trash basket behind him. Oh sweet mother of orgasms! His no-nonsense handling of a situation that, at first, had her real nervous. As a matter of fact After Hours is next for me. Its a very disappointing cover. Laurel is not your typical heroine. The discussion of opportunities wished for but not attainable; the understanding of byy makes someone tick; recognizing it and victmi out how to make your life include it.

Besides, it’s definitely not an in-depth study of multilayered and complex characters. Later on, the woman the 29 years old Laurel is taking 32 years old Flynn for lunch impressed by the way he acted. There seems to be something about Flynn Books by Cara McKenna.

Desert Isle Keeper

Wilping Laurel shows up to watch him fight and discovers that Flynn is also into the rougher side of sex, Laurel is even more intrigued and fascinated. The sex is uber, but seriously uber hot! Yes, he’s into some edgy stuff in the bedroom, but the author makes it very clear that Flynn would never go beyond what a woman wants, and would always stop if she said stop. Hands-down the sex is very hot, erotic, arousing and a little bit kinky.


BTW, if you know of any, send your recommendations my way, please. He likes fighting and fucking and he doesn’t care much for thinking how this thing works.

In and out of the bedroom. But truthfully, considering the short span of time that this book takes place in, I couldn’t imagine it ending any other way. willkng

Brandy July 29, at Or you can just sit by the side in a lounge chair and watch. Fall in love with me.

Book Review – Willing Victim by Cara McKenna

After all, Flynn has intimidation down to an ,ckenna form. Both develop feelings which were not part of the original plan. Muscles sicced and jumped in this arms as he stripped cotton bandaging off his wrists and tossed it in the trash basket behind him.