Hey all. I’m new here, and have been pretty good/consistent with DDP for the past couple of weeks. I seem to recall there’s a workout schedule. 5 Sep Yoga for Regular Guys is the old name of former pro-wrestler Diamond Dallas Page’s yoga program. These days, he’s calling it DDP Yoga. 6 Apr As one who understands the necessity of yoga as one gets older, it was an easy choice to decide to purchase DDP Yoga. The program is.

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I would say that aside from a few more push ups, this workout is practically indistinguishable from Below the Belt.

Think of this as taking more time to get the most of every move. Page makes the case that he no longer lifts weights and that this style of yoga alone is sufficient. Balance, core and at no time do you get a chance to sit down because that would totally make the title sound silly.

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Fitness for the Exhausted: I have come to the point where I honestly feel yoga is not an optional component when one considers taking their fitness to the next level. Such is also the case with another workout….

But between you and me I find this an unlikely approach to a complete fitness picture. As you can well imagine, this has had certain side effects. This particular round gets a little deeper in the stretches achedule gives back strength that little extra workout. Pack 1 has 6 beginner to advanced workouts. This should be interesting!

Alright then…but no spooning. Diamond Cutter is really just more of the same from many of the other workouts but the focus on strength comes from longer postures.

There is something else worth mentioning about DDP Yoga, and that is the cast. This one is meant to be tacked on to any DDP workout as an extra. The program is hosted by former WWE wrestler Diamond Dallas Page who is certainly not what you would come to expect from a yoga instructor. That having been said, yoga is an integral part of any fitness workoutt and too many feel the opposite.


Far be it from me to debate a man who pile-drives his opponents and workuot hits them with a steel chair.


This time we join DD in his bedroom. As with many of the workouts, you wind up doing most moves from the Diamond Dozen.

Not sure what to say about a mix tape. Workouf, and in case you doubt the Hip Hop Abs connection, the credits should seal the deal. Page has resorted to DDP Yoga instead. This is a rather pleasant introduction and I really appreciate wirkout very natural style of Mr. Especially if you want to tackle top tier workouts like AsylumP90X or even if you just like to train hard on your own terms.

Very similar to Fat Burner or Below the Belt. So which is it you might be asking? Many of you younger punks may not appreciate the intrinsic value of a good stretch in bed before getting up but as you approach 40 schwdule will become a woekout ritual. Page has mentioned that the title Yoga for Regular Guys might have limited his target audience to just men and that is a fair statement. Insanity Asylum Volume 2 — Part Shoulders, backs, knees and hips.

Adding a little Diamond Dallas to your week can only do good things for you. React, adapt, take action.

It just proves the point that yoga is not just for experts but can be beneficial to anyone at practically any skill level. This is the entry level workout for the YRG program. Part 2 — FOOD.

YRG workout schedule | 继顺 薛 –

This particular workout is the big long haul where everything is thrown into the mix. John Paul Parrot aka. Many of the workouts in DDP Yoga are very similar with not much to distinguish them, yet at the same time this one feels just a little extra special due to the slightly more aggressive approach. That is the mantra for why breathing so so gosh darn important not only in yoga, but in every aspect of life. The Dysfunctional Parrot is a disgruntled Systems Analyst who wanders the Canadian wastelands saving small villages with the power of Kung Fu.


His chair is also a little too close to the twenty year old microwave. Pack 2 has 5 intermediate to advanced level workouts. Small world, but good to know DD is in good hands!

You should review this at least once to get an idea what you will need to do. Wait…it this the same stage as Hip Hop Abs????? I did a solid week of Asylum before going after this disk and wow…did I ever need this one. DDP Yoga is an excellent supplement package to your existing workout regimen. They are average people and some of whom are not exactly in the greatest shape but that is the whole point. Diamond Dallas is also an excellent instructor and really communicates his intentions to the viewer very well, so at no time should you feel lost.

DDP Yoga ( ie. YRG ) – The COMPLETE Review

That having been said, I still say my prayers and eat my vitamins. Think of RHC as an abdominal wogkout that has your standard use of crunches but also has a strong balance focus. As one who understands the necessity of yoga as one gets older, it was an easy choice to decide to purchase DDP Yoga.