If you have nothing like a snubber or MOV to limit the voltage of these EMF spikes, they will damage your drive circuit. Placing the diode across the load as you describe will cause the diode to absorb the whole reverse voltage spike which will be large like you say. If you turn on the power any you don’t hear a whine or hum, try reversing the polarity switch the leads of ONE of the coils. If I wanted to use this on a bike motor, could you tell me how to incorporate a hall effect switch and recomend the parameters the hall switch would need? Since then it has stopped working.

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Hey NT I also tried with a MJE transistor, many years ago, but if I remember correct I had the same issues, I think it has to do with the internal construction of the MJE that have a much higher voltage rating than the 2N and it has been seen they are harder to drive in self resonant circuits without a designated driver.

A bigger battery wont improve performance but would last longer. I designed coip ignition coil driver circuit based on something I saw on the web a long while ago.

I have a question: May coi, 7.

RMCybernetics, thanks for taking time to do this for everyone. I hoped to use them as switches to power some coils.

In my experience, the output voltage is strictly dependent on the individual transistor, not even the specifications for the transistor. Thanks Mads, That is very true about Facebook, and I I have a Stihl 2 stroke chainsaw engine and i want to replace the entire ignition circuit as col is badly damaged.


The attached image has the part of the schematic with the IGBT transistor and an 3d image of the complete board the kicad-components i made have no 3d footprint. It works great and no parts get hot. You seem to be missing the point.

However, when I put the pulsed output from the to the gate, I still get next to nothing on the output. Der strom, It is not likely to help unless you just make brief pulses at a very low frequency. Is it there to protect the signal generator, or does it increase performance? Hi, I am looking to xoil a very small circuit to allow ckil rev counters to read a 12V square wave — effectively a miniture replica of the driver and primary side of an ignition circuit.

Even with some insulation, at full voltage there is some arcing everywhere over the tops of the coils.

2n flyback driver | Kaizer Power Electronics

Assuming we have eliminated all resistance from the coil, we are now left with inductance and the self capacitance of the coil. When an ignition coil is being driven unloaded open circuit on the output there will be significantly increased back emf and risk 2n3055 damaging the driver circuit. The frequency generated by the self resonating circuit is equivalent to the HF drive signal, but if you start trying to modulate this the feedback loop will become unstable and therefore cause the drive frequency to change.


I have A question about a Microwave transformer if you could please help? The primary coil is not properly connected to the circuit. He says he uses 7 cycles per second, does this mean hertz? Hi RM, what power ciil would you recommend for this project, apart from car batteries? I cut off the problematic pin and put a blob of hot-melt glue on it, but it still arcs.

Same question for your Power Pulse Modulator Clil — do you need a car battery or are there lighter! Tracker, A plasma globe needs to be AC.

Using a power pulse modulator set to high frequency and with a smoothing capacitor in parallel with the output will serve as an adjustable switch mode power supply. I managed to have your circuit working with a computer transformer 16V, 3. You can place a few capacitors of different values in parallel with the supply to smooth out any oscillations.

Quote of the day. Look for info on optoisolators for keeping your audio source electrically isolated from your HV circuit.

Help with 2N3055 Transistor

Hello i enjoy trying to make all kinds of high voltage devices my last was the dimmer capacitor and ignition coil, what i wanted to know is could i use the same circuit voil used to power the ignition coil to power a Flyback transformer? You can use a variety of values here. You have a couple of things wrong.