But then I decided to do the safe configuration of the other thread after wich it made glxgears go to fps. Install it – and if you’re as brave or stupid as me, you’ll run ext4 on both root and home partitions preferably on your production machine, hehe – and update it fully. Black hole on monitor 2, unless I turn all effects off. The should be autodetected and configured. Still dont get it. Thanks again Paste my two lines replacing the red line – which are the one breaking your X Originally Posted by macemoneta.

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But what I am more concerned about is video. But i cant run it with EXA.

I dont have xorg. Had some weird errors in Thunderbird, but not sure it’s connected to UXA.

For a better view of daily progress, please see the logs of the source code repositories. Some of these drivers have not yet been written or included in the intel driver, thus while everything else may work fine, TV out may not be supported depending on the encoder chip paired with your graphics chip. I get no sound in UT though, no idea why.


I’d very much like to play runescape, but unfortunately it just wont run in anything but safemode. That bug report seems to be the place where most progress is being made to correct this issue, so ill keep a close watch there Does anybody know about a better driver for this computer? But to be honest, I find this crap way to fuzzy, hehe, as it’s all trial and error I’ll be back soon.

But seems like a lot of different applications which require more decent amount of graphics xory won’t work correctly Xoorg I activated UXA Sadly I must observe that the tearing problem at least for the given graphic card is not solved; I still have it.

My keyboard doesn’t respond either, even num lock does not work. Youtube “HD” videos in full screen run pretty well with the occasional jerkiness or glitch although it seems to be less with compositing disabled.

[ubuntu] Intel GMA MHD better driver? [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

It might happen again. This is a funny OS! And I wonder if Jaunty could say: I will get my Dell Laptop with this card tomorrow. Even though i still have big problems getting things to work in wine.

Intel GMA 4500MHD, Ubuntu 11.04

Is there any way to find information about the group or individual who is working on the driver for this chip? If i was you, i’d try running UXA. Comment on 5400 change optional. Table may be out of date.


Good luck, write if you need further help. They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own. To make a long xodg short: I will let your know how it works for me.

Perhaps someone is interested in starting up something like that? I Don’t think you’d need those to tell that nvidia is best by far. I think I’ll be going with nVidia, but it would be nice to get a comparison between Intel GMA and an nVidia card when it comes to the performances I mentioned 2 threads ago Note that the maximum supported size of the virtual desktop for the Intel GM series of chipset with 3D acceleration enabled, is x Can’t find it in this thread.