This reduces panel space and system costs, and at the same time increases reliability. The CP is equipped with different software programs for different protocols. Your use of this site is subject to the terms and conditions set forth under Legal Notices and the Privacy Policy. In addition, two channels may be configured together for quadrature mode operation. It can control up to 4 die heads and 2 accumulators or rams. Now drives, valves, weigh scales and more- from both Savings you can count on Siemens ST40 When compared to a traditional hard-wired mA system, the proven labor, installation and maintenance savings of standard networks is remarkable.

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One adapter is designed for connection to RJ 45, and the other 5551-106 provides a connection to triaxial cable AUI and an industrial twisted pair.

Technical specifications, general Connection method Data transmission rate max. For further information, see Catalog IK Qty 5 Contact pins for male insert: TISOFT maintains the same appearance and ease-of-use for all of our controllers so retraining is not required.

The coupler is on both sides a profibus slave. NT, Speed Full bit Windows implementation allows for fast uploading and downloading of logic, data updating, cross referencing, printing, and other functions. User interfaces and displays can be completely customized by each user. The requirement of a hardware key is eliminated in corporate packages. The wiring is attached to the terminal block, thus no cables need be separated when the electronics block is replaced.


Each analog point requires 2 bytes of data. No additional configuring software is required.

Intouch 10 slow to PLC – – Interactive Q & A

The translates millivolt level signals from the 55-51106 element into a scaled temperature value. When the new module is plugged in, it is automatically started up. As a software only company, we are optimally structured to service and support software products.

Product Updates Us: Built-in loops and alarms make programming a simple matter of plugging in critical values in a menu. Special regulations relating to equipment exist for these types of applications, and they must be observed when designing a control system.

Siemens ST40 Introduction Prepared for the future: This package allows to make use of S7 functions. Operation simply continues with the remaining modules. They are also excellent for training purposes.

The programmable controller or the PLC in which the open and closed-loop control functions are executed, has full access to the field devices via cyclic and acyclic messages. In the case of 8-channel digital inputs, two inputs are assigned to the M12 connectors. And point-and-click options allow you to view multiple data windows, ppc sections of logic and validate logic already entered. In the United States call to be directed to the sales office nearest you.


The Industrial Ethernet electrical bus network uses triaxial cable 50 ohms as its transmission medium. Your local Siemens sales office will be happy to answer any of your queries.

April 3rd, The following 555-11106 calls are supported: Siemens Industrial Automation, Inc. Other product names mentioned herein are used for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective companies.

Siemens 505 ST-40 Catalogue

Ordering data Overall packages: Download a trial version of the software from our website on the Internet at www. A compensation box is also required to connect thermo-couples to analog electronics blocks.

The illustrations are for reference only. This file is then loaded into the configuring tool of the non-Siemens manufacturer and can be used for simple parameterization of the station.