Before you can do this, you must do the following: Overview for Supported Strings. The driver now appears as a selection on the Instrument menu, and can be treated like any LabWindows driver. The default is for the laser current to be off. Returns the MinMax mode and the number of data points for the MinMax data acquisition function. FACTory For all sources, overwrites the current calibration values with the factory-set calibration settings. Table 3 Comparison of command semantics beween A attenuator and xA modular attenuator family.

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Any subsequent FETCh command will return the same value, if there is no subsequent software trigger. Queries the state of the shutter at power on. OFF or 0 Shutter closed after mainframe power on.

Returns the mode of the modulation output mode of the BNC connector on the front panel of tunable laser modules. In Manual Attenuation Mode, you must specify both the laser output power, and the attenuation level. Start a single measurement.

Sets or returns the reference level of a sensor. Stepped sweep mode MANual: See Table Table 5, for information on how this command affects the generation of output triggers using power measurements. The wavelength at 816a3 the sweep ends as a float value in meters. POWermeter Copies power value from power meter to attenuator module ref. Each command must be separated from the next one by a semicolon. You may also need labvirw include the file visa. Coherence control is uncalibrated 8 Slot n: Sets or returns llabview number of samples and the averaging time, tavg, for logging.


Upper case characters are used for the short form of the message. Each binary block is a 8-byte long double the wavelength value followed by a 4-byte long float the power value.

Agilent A Programming Guide |

Warranty This Agilent Technologies instrument product is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from date of shipment.

Use [l] to query the frequency of the upper or lower wavelength laser source of a dual-wavelength laser source or a return loss module with an internal dual-wavelength laser source. The driver now appears as a selection on the Instrument menu, and can be treated like any LabWindows driver.

OFF or 0 response: There is no time delay between averaging time periods.

Sets or returns the coherence level. Remove the Power Meter that is out of specification at nm from the mainframe.

8163A Lightwave Multimeter System

Returns the current state of modulation. You must use the: Lambda logging is a feature that records the exact wavelength of a tunable laser module when 88163a trigger is generated during a continuous sweep. You are free to choose between adjusting the output power or adjusting the attenuation factor.

  MSP430 EZ430 F2013 DRIVER

ALL All attenuator modules. The characters 8163aa square brackets [ Returns T-Value page This is set by the: Beeper access is not supplied. Zeroing failed 1 Slot n: The powermeter readout data is not reliable because the currently set manual range does not correspond with the input power.