Try adding this to the Device section: The grep command returns nothing, it just drops me back to a prompt. Here is what you have now: A specific ServerLayout section may be specified from the X server command line with the “-layout” option. Option “AllowNonLocalXvidtune” Uncomment this to disable dynamically modifying the input device mouse and keyboard settings.

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Can you help with this problem? Try disabling DDC adding this to your Device section: Leesway leesway said on Try adding this to the Device section: I did emerge xorg-server and xfvideo-savage with dri in my use flags and savage in my video cards flag. Wed Feb savagee, 8: Cannot select screen resolution with Savage drivers Asked by Leesway on Originally posted by Archangel Mychael: I am grateful for other suggestion in case there is still something to do.

Thank you for your answer, John. Szvage extended input device “AT Translated Set 2 keyboard” type: Thanks for the tip, Menting.


3D accelleration on HP Omnibook XE3 with S3 86C270-294 Savage IX-MV – no acceleration with FC2 ?

For a more complete description of this problem and the workarounds, see the Problem with video related system lockup page. None Link to a FAQ. If it tries it will receive a protocol error. Alright, so I’ve got a laptop with a S3 Savage graphics chip.

S3 Savage IX8 – ThinkWiki

II [drm] DRM interface version 1. Instead, Safe Video mode installation succeeded, but resolution is only x 60Hz. Its kind of wacky as if this works, when you want to use the PC on the road, you will have to change it.

But as you probably guessed, I still have only x resolution in use: English Edit question Status: Installation jammed during loading of partition wizard. It can be used to override the driver’s chipset detection, and should not normally be specified.

Savage chip and DRI.

Deborphan may decide it is just a futile library, but that is false. Some quirks in the interactions between the OS and the Savage hardware can cause system lockups, especially due to high video load and 3D rendering operations.


No server glx vendor string: Ubuntu xserver-xorg-video-savage Edit swvage Assignee: Found 13 modes at this depth: Sadly, the resolution is still only x I added that line and rebooted.

All times are GMT. Chose mode at 72Hz. The resolution seemed to be x until the system announced to set the display settings in logon, After that the resolution is x scaled to the whole display.

Chose mode 11e at 70Hz. Tue Nov 18