Almost instantly you’re in second gear. All motors are flat-sixes, an arrangement called “boxer” because the pistons move back and forth on a flat plane much like a couple of chaps wearing big gloves and having at it. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve user experience. The company’s driving instructors say a PDK-equipped car is between two and three seconds faster around the track, which is an astonishing improvement. In the dry you hardly notice it’s there, even on the track, but in the wet skidpad Porsche has created, painted to keep the water from soaking through, you notice it. Most cars offer some form of TC, but they aren’t all as advanced as Porsche’s system. The car already has the PTM all-wheel drive system we mentioned above, but launch control turns that knob, which is already at 11, up to somewhere north of

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Getting sucked into a black hole. All Windows and Macintosh OS. Wrap-up The Porsche isn’t the most technologically advanced car on the planet, but if you tick all those myriad of option boxes you can certainly equip yourself with a mighty fancy ride with enough circuitry and three-letter acronyms to keep even the brainiest of gearheads grinning.

If you want that pure driving experience, step it down a few ubs and a few dozen thousand dollars and go for something like a Carrera S or the GT3 RS, both of which offer old school, six-speed manual transmissions.

911 Carrera USB Stick

That car is as devoid of creature comforts as it is of apprehensions about sending you flying sideways into a tree. Even when left in “D” mode automatic the car 911y now hold a gear right up to redline, even if you’re only giving part-throttle, and will downshift absolutely as soon and hard as it can. Tactile with mechanical snap.


We do not engage in remarketing nor change any product content you see based on cookies. In practice, though, it isn’t always that fast. Ideal for in-vehicle use, the FTTP features 911tt LED backlit keys for low-light environments, a one-touch emergency key and an integrated touchpad.

Engine choices range from the hp, 3.

Page 57 | Carrera Manual | Porsche iManuals

It’s the same in theless weight up front making for more adept turning and more weight over the rear can give a little more traction to the rear tires. That motor is tucked away back behind the rear wheels, its flat profile enabling it to be situated low and yet still leaving room for a pair of back seats in most models, though you wouldn’t want to put any full-sized humans you really care about back there.

The car predicts what gear you’ll want next — higher when accelerating and lower when braking — and makes sure it’s always ready. It’s a little hard to explain, so let’s look at an example: Much of that serves to make the a faster and safer car to drive, but ultimately a lot of it also serves to dilute the driving experience. You may also choose to disable cookies from your control panel on your device.

The combined system can be disabled to varying degrees in various cars. Indeed on the track the Turbo has a slightly heavier feel of the steering wheel and a hint of torque steer tugging at it when accelerating out of the turns. By continuing to use our website, you accept our use of cookies and our Privacy Policy. In the dry you hardly notice it’s there, even on the track, but in the wet skidpad Porsche has created, painted to keep the water from soaking through, you notice it.

In most trims the modern is most certainly a luxury car, with most models offering interiors that stop short of posh but are decidedly upscale, the exceptions again being the hardcore RS models that strip out all that junk in favor of lightness. As you get faster and faster you move from one gear to the next. Switch it off and even a base Carrera will take you for a ride with the slightest provocation of your right foot. In fact in the base PDK cars there’s a noticeable lag between you asking for the next gear and actually getting it.


TC is, at its simplest, the car automatically cutting power to the driven wheels when they lose grip — kind of like an anti-lock braking system in reverse.

The handling Having the engine out back can be a blessing and a curse. As mind blowing as the G-forces are it’s even more impressive to know that the uab is actually not harmful to the drivetrain.

Through here you can pump music from your iPod, thumb drive, or any other player and, really, that’s about it. The FTTP is designed for vehicle mount in emergency, police, service, transport trucks and marine vessels. If you’re accelerating away hard and you over-power the poor tires, starting a burnout, the engine power will be cut until the grip catches up.

But, you’ll need it if you ever want to feel something absolutely amazing. It’s considerably larger and heavier now, having lost much of its design purity in the ensuing odd years. Still, its same basic shape and layout remain: There’s a definite cost, though, and we’re not just talking money.