I assume that it will be mainly used for a good home computer-combine, capable to show very good results in Quake3; allowing to admire a live image from a TV tuner; and play with a simple video editing, without making strong claims to the quality. But in some windows the typesize doesn’t correspond to the size of the button itself what looks rather strange. Besides, the complete set includes: The difference can be clearly viewed here: The program has different possibilities of video recording: The signal was applied via the S-Video input into the board in question.

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Thanks to this method, the difference in quality depends practically on parameters of the high-frequency track.

Asus V Deluxe Combo Review –

According to the description, the card supports 8, 16 and 32 bit color depth at the resolution up to X at 75 Hz. In this case the stereo effect concludes in alternate distribution of TV frame fields to the left and right filter.

Obviously, it’s destined to be a hit and to be at the head of price list for the whole ASUS V video card series. When this option was disabled, the program found not more than 5 channels when scanning the frequency range.

Note some design features of this board: At the next stage we estimated possibilities of the module of video signal sampling. Output connector for taking sound is made competently. Since the board doesn’t feature a hardware codec, the compression is made by a CPU. At X and 85 Hz the image gets blurred.


It works only at X Aver Media TVPhone98 allow listening to FM radio stations, especially considering that such possibility is included in the Philips RF module on which the tuner is based.

Asus AGP-V7100/Deluxe Combo/32MB Manuals

But there are some downsides: A big connector of the tuner’s antenna input. Here, the compression is achieved at the expense of reduction of color gradation in quantity i. In the last case, the decoded low-frequency signal from the VCR output was applied to the S-Video input of the board and underwent sampling with it. Nevertheless, comgo DC30plus card allowed more sharp picture.

Asus V/Deluxe Combo Manuals

So, the conclusion is that the considered codec doesn’t practically deluxd to the more expensive board – DC30plus in compression quality, with more economic use of disc area. It took 15 minutes! With the help of AutoScan the program scanned the whole frequency range from 39 to MHz established for broadcasting.

However, the digital stream coming to the HDD constitutes, in this case, It allows compressing full-frame video image at X and 25 fps on the Pentium II MHz practically not missing frames.

The test system includes: The problems occurred when installing the software. Rather short cable of output connectors only 15 cm.


Asus V7100/Deluxe Combo Manuals

While receiving TV programs, the analog video-outs of the board lack of video signal, though there are no difficulties in realization of this feature. But in some windows the typesize doesn’t correspond to the size of the button itself what looks rather strange.

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. The graphics and speed possibilities of the base variant of this series are described here. The other channels were ocmbo manually indicating the number of the channel or its frequency.

And when at the max quality such artifacts are totally absent.

Here, you always have to key in two-digit number. Another disadvantage is that the comno programs do not support a function of renumeration of channels. This is rather subjective estimation of the analog track quality of the card but, just for comparison, my favorite Matrox G didn’t act so badly even at X Video 3Digests Video cards: The program found 8 frequencies, 3 of which turned to be wrong.