The Trigger iO can also be used to expand the pad and drum module of any manufacturer, including Yamaha, so you are not limited. To expand, I would recommend testing most things with the BFD software that it comes with either the lite 1. To play drumming modulars or lay down tracks in your preferred MIDI sequencer application, merely connect the USB output to your computer. You may also like. Thats my fear with a product like this is And ez to use. Previous 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 template Next.

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Alesis Trigger iO Digital Recording Interface | eBay

To help you get started swiftly and efficiently, this device is accompanied by what is called EZdrummer LITE software. Now, I don’t use dual zone stuff much, but my ride is Pintech dual zone, and it works well. It is that simple. The Trigger iO can also be used to expand the pad and drum module of any manufacturer, including Yamaha, so you are not limited. Thanks for your help: If you are not using a computer or laptop, you can wall-power it.

I do own NI Battery 3 but have not checked it out yet as I don’t know what to use to trigger it with aside from my Midi keyboard an M-Audio Axiom which you can’t exactly beat with sticks! Glad to see this thread is still alive!


LiamSlack, Very hard for me to remember now. For clean integration into your drummer set or percussion setup, akesis mount the device iO on a rack using the optional E-Percussion Mount. Again my main concerns are: If this is your first visit, you triigger have to register before you can post or view specific content.

Additionally, inputs are each a stereo input so you can have more than one trigger per input, which helps to create a trigger device.


Originally posted by SimSamurai View Post. DFHS, Battery, and why? The software then decides what sounds to play Closed, Open1, Open2, etc.

Hello, I’m french so sorry for the fault ;p Actually, I’m building my edrum pad et my hit hat pedal. Help Contact Us Go to top. You may also like.

Alesis Trigger iO Digital Recording Interface

And ez to use. Any suggestions or info about this would be really helpful.

AND if the computer did freeze up during a gig then I have lost the whole enchilada! For beginners wanting to eventually drum to metal, the Alesis is the ideal instrument. This gear has all you need to make any trigger work. Also each input is a stereo input so you can either have two triggers per input.

Originally posted by jfreder View Post. This is a drumming module from Toontrack, and it contains samples of real drumming kits, a virtual mixer, and loop functions, so whether you are just starting out or gigging around the country, you are sure to rock out. I can get it working great on the module but when triggering Session Drummer 2 all I get is open or closed sounds and I have heard many reports of this at the Studio-Central board.


I think it is great. Thats my fear with a product like this is In fact I think alot of their products are sub-par or at least the cheap stuff. If your laptop and three primary programs freeze you are S. In addition, the interface that records sounds includes 20 programmable presets to store various setups, saving plenty of time when moving from one to another.

I am already using Ableton live and Torq with a midi DJ controller so I’m wondering if it could handle a third program too without locking up or causing alot of latency issues.

My set is all Pintech, similar to an E-Jam kit.