On the multi-cells I cross them at 8kHz sharply. Posted April 12, I also mask off and coat the woofer frames of those woofers with the thin steel frames as well. So the thing has been kind’a swamped. I’ve got some B and B too, although not as clean as your pic.

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The main difference is that on the B at the higher end of the response the dispersion narrows so the sweet spot gets smaller. How good is the Altec B horn compared to todays tweet An apples n’ oranges comparison. This is an Altec B, I don’t they call it a multi-cell.

How good is the Altec B horn compared to todays tweeters

The horns sit on subby boxes I have had for some time which have a 12″ poly cone with a fo of 25hZ tested. Posted Altdc 12, The walked all over the K77s I had.

Posted April 12, Again this could be done conveniently after installation, except for the fumes while drying. In any case I’ve sold my s and am selling the s. Has anyone lived with this combination for a few years and still recommend it. The is better than a K though. Guys, I never noticed a ring to my ‘s.


The stuff is so sticky that you just mold it on.

I didn’t believe it myself until I heard it in 511h. A great bang for the buck, and a nice update to the stock Klipsch mid horn. Altec also damped this area in later horns.

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The entire multi-horn structure has an enclosure which is filled with tar. Sign In Sign Up.

The horns go down to aptec but they suggest no lower than 1. A design like the or strikes a compromise for dispersion, one which I’m happy with. The K55 does not do bad with the right crossover and horn, but there are much better options out there is one is so inclined.

Dispersion is a two-edged sword; the sound radiated over a wider angle will cause more room reflections and hurt clarity. It has flat sides in every picture I’ve seen; I thought bi-radials had curved surfaces.

I’ve got EV horns and drivers, had altec Damping B horns, check below for discussion.


The time qltec is I like the look of the Belles. Posted April 14, Sometimes really nice nearly NOS pairs come up. It’s big, so it affords me a great space to fill with sound.

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No need anymore to spend nights soldering opamps, caps etc. There are three distinct vertical vanes going back about 4″ from the front, and along with the two external sides of the horn itself separates the front into four sections. Are they dampened, is that what that surface texture is? Posted March 14, After fooling around with various midbass mods including a pair of 8 inch JBL drivers per KhornI finally setlled on Forte drivers to cover the hz.