Another solution is to enable the pulseaudio USE flag, update the system and use pavucontrol to set the HDMI port as fallback or use pavucontrol to change manually which application uses which audio port. Microcode firmware is required for R and newer GPUs. Muting and un-muting in rhythem box does not fix the HDMI sound problem. Adds support for up to 6 independant displays max of 2 non-DisplayPort displays with independent timing. No I have 5 of them display ports from 0 to 4 , but actually only the one connected to display port 4 has audio capability – and pulseaudio volume control pavucontrol is set accordingly.

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AMD/ATI Open Source Drivers (amdgpu, radeon, r128, mach64)

Scugnizzo axelinside wrote on The firmware can be provided by installing the firmware-amd-graphics or firmware-linux-nonfree package. Create an Xorg server configuration file. It only happens when outputting sound auddio HDMI. To get the temperature on asics that use i2c chips, you need to load the appropriate hwmon driver for the sensor used on your board lm63, lm64, etc.

Restart your system at this point to enable the radeon driver blacklist. Identifying your graphics rrs780 or APU First, check your graphic card name and chipset: Restart your system to enable the radeon blacklist.


Grub shows up but when i select it i just get a black screen. If you do and then have problems r7s80 your video configuration, try using the simplified version shown above.

Install the appropriate linux-headers and fglrx-legacy-driver packages: Power management is supported on all asics r1xx-evergreen that include the appropriate power state tables in the vbios; not all boards do especially older desktop cards. No monitor connected or invalid EDID [ Make sure your OpenGL renderer audik does not say “software rasterizer” or “llvmpipe” because that would mean you have no 3D hardware acceleration: Thanks RobertKH – 3.

This should greatly help power consumption, especially when idle.

Both the cards get turned on in turn overheating the computer and it also makes lot of rs80. Debian 7 “Wheezy” deb http: No upgrade log present probably fresh install dmi.

Details on AMD’s upcoming RS780 chipset

In some cases it appears the ‘auto’ settings don’t work correctly, so make sure to explicitly enable the integrated graphics. Pages with syntax highlighting errors Graphics Adapters.


Status changed to ‘Confirmed’ because the bug affects multiple users. I couldn’t find a release date for Comment on this change optional. You can track the The fglrx drivers only work with certain versions of the X server.

If you have a laptop that’s getting too hot, try setting the power management profile to low.

radeon – Gentoo Wiki

Set the following options for audio support:. Download full text 5. It also needs firmware-linux-nonfree package to get it to work.

Email me about changes to this bug report. A broader solution is to add the user s needing access the video card to the video group:. Page History Login to edit. The audio also doesn’t work for me with the driver installed.

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.