Ensemble’s conversion “sounds” “feels”? Jul 20, 4: Bill Cheney and Jim Romney are the men responsible for keeping the amazing legacy of Spectra Sonics, a legendary, if criminally unheralded, pro-audio company alive. There is no Thunderbolt cable included, and as mentioned earlier, no DB snake. With Thunderbolt being the only connectivity to the computer, only Thunderbolt-based Macs are supported, so older computers are out of the picture as are Windows machines for the foreseeable future , but the throughput and viability of Thunderbolt coupled with Apple’s apparent commitment to the platform pretty much ensure years and years of solid service. Posted on Thu, Nov 24 Second of all, depending on the

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The problem still persists. Our policies and services are designed to provide you with the ideal shopping experience.

Apogee Quartet Desktop Studio Interface For Mac

These powerful Modules deliver Apogee’s core competency: In fact, I bought mine new in February of and it shipped tool December drivers disc Mac or PC Control: Jul 20, 6: Do you have all the latest firmware updates for the ensemble? Should I choose, I can directly connect the D-Box via a standard DB cable for summing, and still have multiple output points available for alternate monitoring, re-amping, etc.

In contrast to the ergonomic disaster of many interface panel designs, the controls and lovely bits of feedback via the two OLED displays enhance the Ensemble’s usability.

Once you make this setting, it will be remembered until you change it again. Try going back to powering it on after you power up your mac if that seems to work better for you Our experienced team of experts offers the highest level of before- and after-sale service.


Corei7 k 64gb – Win 10 Soft: Last post Sat, Nov 26 by slicee13 replies.

The talkback is via a mono mic on the front panel, and Ensemble automatically dims your monitor source when engaged. It’s hard enxemble write “reviews” of digital gear. Many of you may be wondering who Moon Professional is and why you should pay any attention to another company making mic preamps.

Need even more channels? The Status LED is flashing blue indicating that the Ensemble is not locked to the selected clock source.

Is Ensemble compatible with Pro Tools?

You cannot vote in polls in this forum. Now change Clock Source Select back to your desired setting. Posted on Jul 17, 6: Jul 18, 1: I have the latest firmware I believe, this is what “About Maestro” says: Every year seems to deliver a whole new level of innovative awesomeness — compact, well-designed machines which take their design cues from real-world use and address the needs of audio pros and modest home-studio warriors alike.

Apogew is no internal fan, so Ensemble is dead quiet, with only a tiny “click” when switching inputs. Anyone share this problem?

Apogee Ensemble & Pro Tools 9 Question – Avid Pro Audio Community

Check all that ensemlbe. I was told by apogee to ensemle this since you aren’t supposed to run a fw drive along with the ensemble into both ports of the macbook pro I never had a problem with this configuration when running pro tools and the digi I’ve eliminated the digi out of the chain to try to pin-point what the problem is.


This unique approach to headphone amplification dynamically compensates for the nonlinearities of any connected headphones, providing massive power while maintaining extremely low distortion and linear frequency response.

Legendary Sound Quality Apogee engineers have made it their passion to improve every new flagship product by using the latest in electrical components and designing optimized circuitry that often exceeds the expectations of the component manufacturer. Apogee shipped a DB to XLR snake with our test unit, but the retail box does not include audio cabling.

The high end will be clear and not as brittle while the low end will be tighter than ever and more defined. But these mild bummer-points are far from being deal-breakers, based on my workflow. I haven’t spent any time on a Harrison console, but I do know that many important albums and films were recorded or mixed on Harrison consoles over the decades, and company founder Dave Harrison Also, good idea about the expresscard.