Professionals and low handicap amateurs. It’s long like a driver but also has a low center of gravity and high loft to help get the ball airborn off the deck. It has a hardness rating of HRC Here’s an article from Ashton’s lead guy when they were still afloat: This is the first time in the history of sun glass technology that the lens delivers extreme clarity and zero distortion for a much more defined vision on the golf course. Read the articles below and you will be informed and amazed about this driver head!

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Ashton e3 cc titanium driver

Why do I need to login to see this item? For techies, the TVC Titanium is the lightest to strongest ratio titanium. The cc Encore was designed for extreme pure energy transfer, a 3-sided wraparound soleplate design, and a unique satin finish flat black paint treatment Additionally, its multi-material sole plug optimizes acoustics and dampens vibration for improved sound and feel.

The third weight is permanently fixed between the two ports. Beautiful red soft feel finish. This latest model is so very comfortable compared to previous iterations. Several folks said it was like a cc TP Sound at impact produced by this head is quite nice – not hollow sounding at all, and not too loud.


Ozik Code 6 -Nicknamed “the Hinge”. Be sure to visit this golfing careers website. For techies, the TVC Titanium is the lightest to strongest ratio titanium. J33 with Aldila NV 65 Stiff. After searching the archives and reading many reviews I was intrigued.

A rare discovery in the saturated driver category, the Canadian based company has brought to market one of the best drivers we have ever tested. Golf safaris are also available www. A rare discovery in. It’s the first of it’s kind in the industry.

Beautiful translucent grey-fade to black paint treatment.

Clubmaker’s Choice

Custom club makers have added golf teaching as a new dimension to their businesses. Drivers continue to be the most discussed, most macho piece of golf equipment amongst golfers and club designers.

Check out the next generation of Aldila microlaminate technology Alpha Golf -introduces their V5 driver and fairway woods and the new C The R is a Tour-proven cc pear shaped titanium driver with a shallow face for those players seeking the ultimate combination of ball speed, launch angle, spin and forgiveness.

I’m playing in a couple hours and will have all three drivers out to see which one will be number one.


NEW! Non-Conforming Ashton E3 Driver 460cc Graman UL440

I’ve been keeping this under my hat for about 6 months in fear of someone trying to scoop the idea from us but now that we’re getting so close to the PGA Show, it’s time to aashton the cat out of the bag. The J33 driver is available in 8.

Bridgestone J33r cc Driver Pic. Golf safaris are also available. Displaying star reviews Show all. Check my other auctions for an Ashton X-1D 3 wood.

Ashton E3 Titanium Driver Head – 9 Degree

Research shows that these players produce the optimum launch angle the initial angle at which the shot leaves the clubface of approximately degrees, combined with a ball spin rate of rpm for maximum driving distance. He can be reached at www.

This titanium is often used in oversize and larger heads most importantly in face design. Quality certified by CPGA professionals. It has a hardness rating of HRC