What exactly does this mean? This means the item has been inspected, cleaned, and repaired to full working order and is in excellent condition. The adapter I have is Asus S Ultimate Limits of Computers. Most but not all P3b-f boards have the right voltage regulator. Of course, we will be looking at the major focus of this article, the Asus P3B-F in depth as well. Socket F Computer Motherboard for Intel.

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Intel’s attempt at providing a CPU which had officially broken the MHz FSB bottleneck was received with a mixed response in terms of performance benefits. Power Mangement and Conclusion. Skip assus main content. Don’t know is it a malfunction or normal operation. Now, I’m not friendly to motherboards–I expect alot from them. The term that I can best use to describe it is “kludge”.

Interestingly, use of JumperFree requires that a dipswitch on the motherboard be set appropriately. For the p3g couple of years, the industry has been seen supporting a chipset like no other.

Ars Technica: Asus P3B-F Motherboard – Page 1 – (8/99)

Google [Bot] and 14 guests. What I want from a board is stabilityspeed, and if possible, ease of setup.


Multiple peripheral slot configs see below. Make sure your jumpers for FSB are set correctly. This can be used in a Coppermine ready slotket and should work fine. Chips that can provide voltages down to 1. I paid 25 USD incl.

There is also a modded cpu for sale from korea on Ebay, many use these without any issues and is modded very professionally. The P3B-F actually ships in a few different varieties!

Slot 1 Computer Motherboard for Intel. This item may or may not be in original packaging. Ultimate Limits of Computers. I know I was, and being a generally lucky bastard, I managed to get my hands on one a bit early, and I’ve been testing it ever since.

ASUS P3B-F, Slot 1, Intel Motherboard | eBay

Whats missing in your collections? Users browsing this forum: This can especially happen when updating a BIOS, and the new azus doesn’t store information the same way as the old version did.

ATX Form Factor, built-in hardware monitor. You can also leave the bus at MHz if you prefer to play it safe with the graphics card. Also have tried to use Celeron A through Asus S without success. If they didn’t run at FSB then they would still run at The mobo’s performance has to be considered in a wide-spectrum of use, and stability has to be considered.


ASUS P3B-F, Slot 1, Intel Motherboard

Will it work with P3 EB S through slocket adapter? I-automatic sell the good condition motherboard with reasonable price.

My retro rigs old topic Interesting Vogons threads links to Vogonswiki Report spammers here! The adapter I have is Asus S Sometimes there can be a corrupt setting somewhere that isn’t exposed in the setup menus. For me, I don’t care if a motherboard sports Quad Celeron support and a liquid cooling option that allows you to run a Celeron A oh, how we love those CPUs up to a Gigahertz.

Most but not all P3b-f boards have the right voltage regulator. Though boards based upon VIA’s goods were more cost-effective than their Intel counterparts, performance rather lack of was a big issue and shunned away quite a number of people, who in fact, were looking for a good Intel alternative.