No where is the AR interface name associated with that driver. I have only tested it in Mountain Lion. Or sign in with one of these services. D2DInitialize succeeded Meanwhile, anyone looking for Atheros LAN interface drivers, should consider the atl2 driver as a possible solution.

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This would cause a kernel panic from writing beyond the buffer. Otherwise I suspect it may be a problem in some of the data structures I shifted from the stack to the heap.

I wasn’t keeping track but chances are I’ve used something in the code that is Glad to hear it’s all working well.

Atheros AR ethernet driver? – ARRRGH!

Free software lists and comparisons Wireless networking Free device drivers Linux drivers. It’s an AR, internal Ethernet.

Rodriguez, mcgrof at frijolero. Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free. I have a Lenovo T laptop. Broadcom,, As I didn’t know the fix for this at the time, I decided to reinstall Ubuntu 9.

Sep 29, I am trying to get the wireless working on a fresh install of F13 on my HP probook b. No such device Code: That is, until I attempted an atherks of Arch Linux.


They contain the kext module and the GPL sourcecode. Broadcom, and revisions 1 and 2.

Hardware :: Unable To Find Atheros AR8112 Ethernet Driver?

Posted November 4, Posted November 3, Sign in Already have an account? Posted October 3, Posted November 2, Filtered multicast reception instead of all-multicast reception should lonux theory make things a bit faster on a busy network with lots of multicast packets flying around the place, too.

Mar 1, I have an absolutely bizarre hardware issue concerning the Atheros AR PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller that has been giving me quite a bit of grief for a while, and having completely hit a wall on this lknux, I’m a reasonably-experienced Linux user of several years, and have been running Ubuntu 9.

Also, many of the kernel wiki links are broken Please help improve this article if you can. When not possible lack of resources mainly we do try to work with the community to see if this can be done through side community work, and only if not possible at all do we release firmware as binary with a friendly standard redistributable license. It is also call the l2 as in “L2” driver.

It is not compiling issue because I compiled and installed broadcom wireless driver. I have done a successful install of the latest drivers directly from Atheros for the device and have them automatically loading with the kernel during boot, but as the device isn’t recognized, the drivers aren’t doing any good.


The debug version is the same thing but it just prints more log information. No where is the AR interface name associated with that driver. Shared module for Atheros Having trouble installing a piece of hardware? Is it possible to make it a new kext that support AR?

ath9k – Debian Wiki

I have done so by plugging in a Realtec lan card – but can’t get the motherboard lan working. There are a lihux exceptions to using the ISC license on Atheros drivers, when in doubt consult the header of the file for the respective license of the file.

Here’s the modified kext: Bonjour is working perfectly.