With R, as well as F, H, C and G, displayed in the notes of that edition, the MSS will form themselves into groups, which, except in rare instances, will enable some future editor of the Octateuch to distinguish the original Ethiopic version from its later recensions. Conclusion as to age of R, and its value for a critical edition of the Octateuch. I l-nX” I flitl. And while they were walking, they saw them from a distance and they said to them: We see again, how great a magical power the threshold is supposed to have. CG xxv i a inn:

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At the same time the whole has been interwoven with several local Abyssinian traditions, which probably belonged originally to different cycles of legends. Insofar as it attempts to answer the question, what type of Septuagint-text lies at the basis of the Ethiopic Octateuch, any agi work done in advance of that publication would probably prove premature.

Full text of “The legend of the Queen of Sheba in the tradition of Axum”

And after they had entered Agi, they came to Axum. Indeed, they become very rare in the later books of the Octateuch. The situation at present is therefore one of expectation, rather than of realization. In upper margin, with caret in text; hand of emender, but not the usual one.

This reduces the former wti by 5, the latter by Such ancillary codices are thus to be used discreetly, side by side with the primary witnesses, and are especially valuable in case of a clash between the older MSS. Generally three distinct reigns of King Serpent are mentioned: Though the edges of the leaves are somewhat brown and worn with handling, yet on account of the wide margins the text has suffered no damage thereby.


Afterwards Christ visits them and goes with them g37d see the dead ser- pent, Now in the Tigre legend this is made the main reason: Little need be added to what has already been said section III of the value of R for a future critical edition of the i See the article by C. R I om Ayi Biblical texts were habitually 1 Examples in the second half of Genesis are: Where art thou f” are also in red ink.

While qti are to be found other Ethiopic MSS written in three columns. Appropriate For see all. It is possible that we have here a i Cf. After that they freed her and said unto her: It seems to me that that version which places Arwe at the beginning of the history of Abyssinia is the most ori- ginal one, and that in atj times popular Christian tradition tried to connect this old legend in some way with Christian personalities so that the deliverance of the nation from the great evil should be owed to Christian heroes.

The effort of present studies in the text is to arrive as nearly as possible at this unemended critically speaking pure text, without regard atii its readability or suitability for ecclesiastical uses. The red ink differs: C aa Ol Jj] fflt-lit’. He even went so far as to supplement by his own skill passages defective in both the earlier and the later types of text ‘.

wti We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. I ‘ n I Kmih’tttiu: According to the Arabic story the demons told Solomon that Bilqls had hairy legs and an ass’s hoof, be- cause they were afraid that Solomon would marry Bilqls and tell her, who was herself the daughter of a Peri at female demon, his secret concerning the demons, so that then the son of both would rule over them.


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Then he turned in all [directions], but did not find any one whose colour was like his. If possible, I shall also publish a grammar and a dictionary of the Tigre language. It seems that the ari was correctly reported, since it is told in almost the same way in Hamazen. Now, it is said here that Satan ‘built a house in order g37d fight against God. C ao om OtC: And the saints wondered and were amazed and astonished by the wonders of the Lord the whole night until morning, and they did not slumber nor sleep.

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As already stated, five fly-leaves are bound with the atl, of which three precede Genesis and two follow Ruth. But a more interest- ing question in this connection is, how the legend of the Queen of Sheba and that of the dragon were intertwined.

And when [this tear] had fallen upon them, they looked up and beheld her tied there, and they asked her saying: