How to make a click track in Logic. Wk 3 – “Cop that Sound” Mix. Wk 9 – Lab – Sherwood Mix. Welcome to year 2! How each station is setup. Wk 2 – Mixing Assignment.

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Make Your Mockups Sound Better. FM Synthesis Tutorial wordy.

What is the “IAC Driver Bus 1”? – Apple Community

Plogue Bidule project 1. What Chris wants by How to use Side Chain Compression in Logic. It’s helpful to rename these so you know what they setyp when you’re choosing them in your DAWs.

The Rhodes Electric Piano. Scoring IV – Blows. How to install plugins. This lets you share midi information without the restrictions of Rewire! How to edit transient markers in Logic. Logic Keyboard Shortcuts default.

Stup alteration in Pro Tools.

Wk1 Spring – Cop that Sound. How to Log Into Zumocast. How to make big time signatures in Sibelius. How to send files. Orch 1 – Brass and Percussion Project for Hummie. The Lab Writing and Drawing Assignment.


How to slave Pro Tools to Logic.

How to create EXS instruments, from scratch! How to export your music from Logic. How to use Jack. Wk 3 – Mixing Assignment – Round 2.

How to setup the IAC Driver (Mac OS X) – Monoplugs Forum

How to get to the server. How to change Logic’s sample rate. Past assignments I’m working on them! Final Instrumentation for April 1 Recording session. How to forward your loopmail. How to Make an Aggregate Device.

Monoplugs Forum

Global Folk Instruments Info. How to save a copy of your Logic project.

Playlists in Pro Tools. The Interface and signal path. How to create a bus in Logic.