Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. So far, this has been a successful model for them. The key thing is that I was able to achieve this with a Intrigue — it looks intriguing to you I get that and probably to many others. After the whiteout with the last 4 generations of driver, fashion or more likely tour player and market pressure has seen a return to a more modest colour set for the driver. Though I would say that they do not match TMaG in marketing balls as TMaG markets clubs, they definitely have a successful marketing strategy, as does TaylorMade, whether youo like them or not, whether you buy their clubs or not.

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As a devotee to the sedentary lifestyle of a late forties desk jockey, perhaps I should consult with my pharmacist instead of my golf pro for the magic bean. However these are aimed at high single figure handicaps upwards, which sharts not really much of an overlap, so who are the SLDR’s aimed at? Wow, flr we go again. In fact no OEM has. Spin eats me alive, and yes I should work on my swing… In the meantime, a G25 snuck into the bag and it will be hard to kick out.

So short answer no…a forwardly placed center of gravity which helps to reduce spin. So you have to find 20 grams of weight to take out of the head. On the other hand the Speedblade iron was bionic by comparison. Do some research and you will find that, this is old school tech! Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf slcr and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play.


Why is everyone so aghast when TM does it? Most people assume that SLDR is an abbreviation for ‘slider’, which they can’t use as a brand name as someone else has the rights to it. It has made it very hard to score as I tend to be hitting my 2nd shot with a hooded 3-iron from under a tree or a bush.

Many of us found great results on this club once we were fit or changed shafts on this club Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

The moveable weight is a useful feature, although if you get the right shaft and loft then the need for it may not be that great unless you create some real bananas off brst tee. HaHa, but ya gotta give it to him. I do not have a robot nor have I borrowed one for testing, but how does the club attach to the robot.

TaylorMade SLDR Irons Review

I’m thinking about trying the shaft from my old burner. In each case the US patent office found enough distinction in the designs to approve the patent request. Nic S 5 years ago.

And when you have one like this you quickly learn that no club can come even close to being perfect. For years every new release has included a blurb about how extra distance was achieved through a relocation of the center of gravity.


See offer for details. Please try again later. One of the reasons I dumped Calloway is that they kept changing up models, colors, etc, so often that you remained in a constant state of obsolescense.

TaylorMade SLDR Irons Review – Golfalot

Absolutely, sdr is stronger than it has been in years. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Did you get the impression that this was an advertorial? That should be a good inexpensive experiment.

I have been using a Titleist D2 for a year now and have never quite meshed with it.

: Project X PXV Stiff Driver Shaft + TaylorMade SLDR Driver Tip : Sports & Outdoors

Well it could just be happenning, next month. I just dial the loft up to my slow swing sweet spot and enjoy a decent round of golf with my SS Average of 90 mph. Moving on to the 4-iron using the stock stiff steel shaft, the differences were a little clearer. As with most stories where viewpoints diverge, the real story of the apparently early release of the SLDR driver almost certainly lies in the middle.

I also play at an Open qualifying course not the easy par 3 you must play at. Get to Know Us.