Mid-Ranges Innova Mako3 – Speed: If you can throw a Wraith straight, you’ll be turning over a Discraft “SS” disc. The Sail is a wonderful disc for both beginning and experienced players. Its the widest rim I’ve seen for as understable as it is. Beginners that struggle to keep fairway and distance drivers in the air will want to get their hands on a JLS.

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As you gain experience and get to know how your discs fly under different circumstances, you’ll want to experiment with additional discs and stabilities to see which ones fit your style and fill additional needs in your bag. Every hest feels a little different for each, individual player. The Leopard3 is a underxtable understable fairway driver made by Innova.

I’m just learning a thumber and I’ve noticed the Z avenger is my best disc for it.

The high glide makes for lofty flights and at further distances the Spin is very responsive to high power turning. My destroyer will not go left in the wind, and my monster has stopped going left when I go all out with it.

From 7 votes, the Katana scored 4. Also tried the spectra, but it just seemed too stable for my liking. Mid-Ranges Innova Mako3 – Speed: I can many type of throws with this bad boy. Need a new roller disc? By comparison, if one of these players tried to throw an overstable disc the disc would likely hyzer out too earlier.


The Tremor holds true for straight to anhyzer lines. In the examples above, the spin on the disc is clockwise to the rightso an overstable disc fades left. Throwing the Avenger SS flat, it’s just understable enough to tug it back in line. The Predator is good if you need something very overstable. Both of those are overstable. In the hands of a power player, an unstable fairway undrstable will turn over with ease.

More advanced players will notice it has a high glide and turn making it a great disc for sneaking around obstacles and manipulating the flight pattern.

I think I’ve said too much I find it dizcraft to control on short drives,if you want the fade and don’t have a midrange to suit.

Discraft Understable Discs

Just got one but it has been waaay to cold for me to try it out yet. Disc Golf Best Lists. If you put some anhyzer on one of these discs and get the angle just right, they should roll well for you.


Discraft Archer – Speed: This disc works great for turnover shots, hyzer flips and rollers.

Discraft Understable Golf Discs

Whether you are a new player or a veteran, you can find a place in your bag for this disc. It has one of the highest glide ratings of any disc golf disc. So, what does understable mean anyway?

It is a medium speed fairway driver that acts more like a distance driver and feels like a brst disc. I use it when I need a little hook at the end of the flight. Based on the incredibly versatile “magic” Stratus, which can’t be produced in durable premium plastics, the Archer takes its place.

Whether a staple distance driver for beginners or a utility disc for experienced players, the Sail is a solid, dependable disc.

At the same time that Prodigy released the D6, they also released their new S plastic, which is their low-cost, base plastic. This makes these drivers ideal for turnover shots. All of those are too overstable for my arm.