Verify that the Dial-Up Networking is checked. Hey guys can you please help me out?? JP February 11, at 1: It looked as if there’s a cap on the PC. Any possibilities to make the BB receive those push notifications while acting as a modem? BUT some apps still won’t operate and think there’s no network connection. To setup the connection you may follow the same steps described before:

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BBM, email and sms during tethering however. Then after u explain i understood. I am constantly downloading at kbps using my laptop but on my Desktop PC, it will never go above Enable Bluetooth on your phone, and then on the Mac.

Setup BB Bold as modem for tethering via BT

First of all kudos to Mirko, his efforts help us immensely and it’s moral duty to donate to him. I think it will be very usefull for all user with similar VPN issues. Feb 11 To solve it for my Ampe A10 running Android 4.


I’m getting “Enter PIN code to connect to via bluetooth” dialog while trying to connect to the phone from the application devices list, though the devices have already been bluetootu before app launch.

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This post has been edited by zeliustitan: If you write to him, I think he will send you a test copy. Select the BB under the Devices list then click Properties. Keep updating your blog with valuable information Hi, I am trying to connect my android phone as client – using BlueVPN with my Nokia E71 as host and has 3G data connection to access internet on by android phone. Christophe Guyot April 28, at Connecting to Desktop Manager After getting connected to the computer, you can open BlackBerry Desktop Manager and it will prompt you to connect via Bluetooth.

Shrugs October 1, at I dont seem to see an email address from this long post. As far as I know, even BDM 5 can’t do that yet.

Look forward for your appreciated support on below: It just doesn’t obtain an IP. I have a u30gt-1 on android 4.

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Oct 30 Anyone know what is and how to resolve the problem? Appreciate your valuable suggestion Thx Sai saiktelecom gmail. Really looking forward to read more.


Moreover, I’ve noticed in the previous version a lot of GC java garbage collector calls even if the free memory was sufficient. November 8, at 9: You will be prompted on the BlackBerry smartphone and presented with the same passkey to confirm.

Finally changed the Bluetooth device name to remove spaces and it now works like a charm. Maybe you need the tether plan added to the Blackberry account; maybe the Blackbberry is not running or your BB is not connected, etc.

Let me know if blketooth work on this! Fortunately, our websites failed over to our business continuity site without a hiccup. Apr 22 This app is exactly what I needed, and very simple.