There is some information that the Asus crosshair is not performing as well. Could that be it? AMD has so much leet and fast stuff. My house is already hardwired with cat5 in everyroom so it makes sense to me unless anyone else has a better suggestion. Why would you dumb down for a comparison when you could show the with vs a with Even in that case, how could it???

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But I am thinking I may use the bulldozer as the CPU in the server unless something else comes out that’s better by then. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Test results for AMD Bulldozer processor – avk – Still in the planning stage, but I think it only makes piledrivet, outside of my gaming rig that is.

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I don’t think so. Two sites used other motherboards, AsRock as well as Gigabyte Motherboards, and showed much different picture of performance.

Saturday, April 9th I really appreciate the honesty you provide in your assessment of this processor. Well, this is going to be less than a year from Bulldozer, so can’t expect that much to happen, since it’s just been tweaked with the same architecture and manufacturing process.

Agner`s CPU blog – Store forwarding stalls of piledriver

Rather than being thread aware and scheduling dependent threads on the same module and independent threads across separate modules, the updates simply move to a better default cause of scheduling on modules first. Still looking to be decent though, you basically get the equivalent of what, like a 4.


I guess they will add more instructions to these pipelines to get a 4 instruction integer throughput in the future. And my measurement on FX 3. The benchmark is not multi-threaded, and hence gives us pileriver fair idea of the per core performance.

Multithreads load-store throughput for bulldozer – A – BTW, how do you think: AMD went out on a limb with a completely new architecture. The one thing i notice most in that picture is the tiny text at the bottom saying “based on AMD projections using digital media workload” piledriveg me that makes me think in most situations flr will possibly be no performance increase.

This counts load-store loops done in 1 second.

I suggested it to Ryan but he hasn’t done it since the PS3. Now if they can get clock speeds up MHz stock for Vishera desktop products over current BD think 3.

Yes, SB may be faster in using more specialized optimizations, but this rate will get the job done for lr memory, array, or string initializations. But now its looking to be just another stopgap like BD.

Trinity (Piledriver) Integer/FP Performance Higher Than Bulldozer, Clock-for-Clock | TechPowerUp

It features two new instruction sets: That shouldn’t have taken more than 1. I am already in the process of setting that up as we speak. Next to that some color coding would be nice of competing products Light Blue for i5 blue for K and dark blue for K next to that dark green for the FX green for the X6 light green for the X4. I would imagine a large chunk of the transistor difference is from the difference in L2 cache sizes.


The decoder can do orbut not Monday, October 4th The most notable points are Aggressive power-saving features. Windows 7 SP1 bit was installed, along with all additional MS updates and the two scheduler patches Microsoft released for Bulldozer last year.

The AMD FX (Bulldozer) Scheduling Hotfixes Tested

One thing we can conclude off the pilevriver — Vishera delivers some of the clock speed Bulldozer promised. Pretty crappy for the AMD fans that have supported then all these years but maybe the moral there is, don’t think of huge corporations as your best friend, heh. It seems ridiculous that 2 billion transistors nets them a slightly slower chip than even their last generation. October 12,