Holiday Cheer Contest Day 2: What can I say? And off center hits are as good as sweet spot hits with my FT-I. Just purchased this driver after trialing many others as well, kept coming back and picking this one up and overall the results were far more consistant, generated very straight distance, the spread on my drives was only 10yards, so staying on the fairway was easier, this club for me performed better when I lowered my swing speed, so for me the regular flex was better than the stiff, also, I found the flight lower than I am used to so went for 10 degrees. Overall we really came away impressed.

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I haven’t regretted it since.

Callaway FT-IQ Driver

Four out of the six players that tested the club on day one struggle with losing the ball to the right off the tee. While it retains its cc volume, the club head is much less square than its predecessor in appearance.

They said it went further. A word of warning though – this club is designed to improve consistency, not cure a slice or a hook. Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson in The Dave S Callawa 15, – 1: There’s also the glaring fact that when you pay this much for a driver, the grip should be much better.


I still feel that the original grip was the worst grip ever put onto a golf club, but my opinion regarding the rest of the driver has changed, I originally stated that this driver won’t cure a slice or a hook.

Mike Turner February 4, – The two golfers that had fy-iq with a hook both had problems with this club. The reviews are great and the price has really come down.

Callaway Callaway FT IQ Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 17 reviews –

Callaway are readying what it describes as its ‘straightest ever driver’ for the golf season in the form of the Callaway FT-iQ driver. Overall we really came away impressed. However I am one of those players that can lose it to the right so having a driver slightly offset has never been an issue for me. So now, onto my rating. Please try again later! Holiday Cheer Contest Calpaway 2: We take actual images of the item you are buying!

After removing it from the box, I once again reminded myself that pictures do not do clubs justice. JB February 4, – Going into this review I was not real eager to try this club, but it changed my mind on the course.


Light scratches or mild nick Chris loved the solid feel while Roy noted impressive distance. I had seen the pictures on the web like most of the readers and the club was just not my cup of tea based on them.

Callaway Callaway FT-IQ Drivers

Too bad I just bought a used driver the other day! Write your review You must enter a review of between and characters.

Each golfer hit about 30 balls with the driver and then we got together to compare notes. This driver looked very good in our hands. I did read a post after the DYMO review asking you for a comparison.

I’ve hit several drives from the toe and heel and watched them sail down the middle. Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated. It really will all come down to individuals.

The refined head shape of the FTiQ has a sleek and stealthy look while raising the MOI for unprecedented accuracy off the tee. This is an increaase of about 20 yards from my average with the FT-I!