Hello, Last week, I e-mailed with a question using the display of a Omnikey cardman Achraf 37 1 5. Search everywhere only in this topic. I only have a SPR with a display to test with. On Wed, Oct 22, at 3: Sign up using Facebook.

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However, I can use this tool only when the reader is not in secure mode, during the secure mode the reader can only display texts predefined in the reader, which are displayed depending on the command and the language which has been set. Can you help me to make the reader display the predefined text? I only have a SPR with a display to test with.

I meant to say, that OpenSC does cardan make any attempts currently to set the message to be displayed during the PIN transactions see [1]. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. On Wed, Oct 15, at 9: Sign up using Email and Password. You don’t have a “display text” or equivalent.

Installation of Smart Card Reader – Komerční banka

I use this feature to provide a localisation of the strings depending on the LANG environment variable. I wanted to know if someone had tested the display functionality with the given reader and found out it does not work according to the CCID spec or has some firmware issue or so.


The reader can be used via CCID. I thus believe the “trying to prompt some text on the display” could be interpreted as displaying SOMETHING on the display, such as the built in messages of the reader if available. For example the Gemalto PC PinPad reader can be programmed to change the different texts in the reader memory.

I’m working on a java card project and I’ve just bought an Omnikey PinPad to use it as a smart card reader and pin keyboard for users. Search everywhere only in this topic.


Omnikey Cardman Pin Pad with Display AvidCard

On Fri, Oct 17, at 2: Email Required, but never shown. You should contact Omnikey to get some more documentation. 382 you answered me that this functionality is not part of the CCID standard, and adviced me to contact Omnikey about it. It is indeed my goal to display arbitrary text on the display. It contains a library with C functions that allows you to show custom text on the screen of the pinpad – exactly what you asked for.


Installation of Smart Card Reader

On Wed, Oct 22, at 3: I already got the pinpad working. Is there an OpenSC tool using the display? Because I couldn’t find it.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Achraf 37 1 5. Post as a guest Name. Maybe it is possible to interact with the display of the Omnikey cardman using proprietary commands.

Using the smart card reader screen to display arbitrary texts is carcman specified in the CCID specification. Sign up using Facebook. I already contacted 38821, and they provide a secure pin entry api, which contains methods like SCardWriteDisplay. However, when the reader is in secure mode, it’s displaying nothing.

I’m going to try this api, and let you know my results. But the reader may obey some proprietary commands via SCardControl to display text.