As it turns out, the QVSX employs both approaches commonly used for digital zoom, in its 2x and 4x modes. Like many smaller digital cameras, it will fit comfortably in the average shirt pocket, but its weight clearly won’t let you forget that it’s there. From there, it’s easy to select multiple images for download, and then transfer all the selected shots in a single download. Resolution measured-out at roughly line pairs per picture height in both horizontal and vertical directions, with only very slight color aliasing for parallel lines at high frequencies. This is a very welcome addition, particularly when shooting in brightly -lit surroundings.

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A few seconds of the “transfer” time is occupied by image processing, meaning that faster processors will show slightly lower overall transfer times.

When you realize that the longest exposure time the camera is capable of even in normal mode is eight to sixteen times slower, you can appreciate the need to brace or otherwise support the camera in some fashion when shooting under dim conditions. Readers of our earlier QV and QVSX reviews will find the following descriptions quite familiar, as the operation and menu structure of the QVSX is very similar to that of its predecessors.

Other options on the record menu include White Balance auto, incandescent, fluorescent, daylight ; Aperture auto, F2. Unlike the QV, all the normal record-mode menu functions remain available in movie mode, allowing access to manual white-balance settings, manual focus, etc.

The QVSX’s optical viewfinder is a fixed-view design, but includes framing marks for both normal and macro shooting. As you might expect, the in-camera image-assembly is only of sufficient quality for display on the small LCD screen: Shadow detail extends to about swatch “B” 16 on the long, vertical Kodak grayscale bar, and deep shadow detail in the charcoal is lost.


It also marks the first time Casio has included autofocus in one of their cameras, a fact that probably accounts for their simultaneous departure from the trademark swiveling lens design. Somewhat bulkier than the ‘, the ‘ measures 5. In-camera kamers playback only works for images still residing in the camera, in their original, as-captured state.

We’ve also heard from readers that the Casio cameras have a fairly conservative “end-of-life” battery voltage setting of about 1. Although we confess that using a tripod is still necessary to 5000ssx the best results.

Casio QVSX – digital camera Overview – CNET

Several of the included software packages provide for image manipulation, and the creation of various projects such as calendars, cards, etc.

To review images more quickly, you can switch to a 4-up or 9-up index display via the “Menu” button. The maximum duration of The QV also includes a flash, which now appears to be a standard feature on Casio’s cameras.

The answer probably lies in the fact that the methodology for calculating “equivalent ISO speed” hasn’t been defined yet for digital cameras, and Casio doesn’t want to run afoul of any future taken by the international standards dljital.

Extended viewing of images will drastically shorten your battery life. Pictar Pro makes your phone feel more like a premium camera It even adds a viewfinder. Images from the host can also be uploaded back to the camera, increasing the QV’s usefulness as a presentation device.

Casio QV-5000SX

Movie Mode In “Movie” mode, the frames-remaining indicator changes to show the number of movies of the currently-selected duration that may be recorded in the available memory.

The flash also worked well all the way down to the minimum focusing distance, even though Casio rates it as having a minimum usable distance of 2. In the interest of providing a truly universal “presentation machine” though, Casio has provided a grouping option in the ‘, whereby images uploaded from a computer can be re-grouped so the camera can recognize them as a panorama. The earlier QV permitted panorama recording with the camera oriented either horizontally or vertically.


This Lego model is the only Leica camera most of us can afford Classic camera collectors can now build their own Leica models using Lego kits. Optical Sensor Sensor Resolution.

Until then, here are all of our standard test shots, with detailed commentary on each. Mobile Accessories by Joshua Goldman Dec 19, Normal Picture-Taking Most of your picture-taking will probably be done in the “normal recording” mode, designated by a horizontal “page” icon at the top of the display.

Sony Alpha mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera almost has it all Sony Alpha mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera almost has it all by Lori Grunin. As we mentioned earlier, we were somewhat surprised to find that the QV’s exposure didn’t “lock” at the same time as the focus did. We experimented with the preset “incandescent” white balance setting to see how it performed.

Nonetheless, our standard recommendation that you use high-capacity NiMH rechargeable batteries for all your digital cameras holds here as well. The “zoomed” file has the same number of pixels in it as the original, but object edges are softer and there’s less detail.