Click the button to print out the picture chosen. Follow the instructions and select the Next button to continue the installation. The size of the file for the highest the image quality is about 4 times more than the default files. You can do whole Chateau program functionalities in mobile phone via Splashtop application, so that, please do not give your account and password to others unless necessary. Please check whether the hard disk space is lower than the system reserved spaces need to be mb or above 4. A local host name means that a local host saves the files. A user can set the camera name for easier access and search.

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This is used for modem communication including remote access and remote alarm.

Please check whether you can select for the microphone in the voice recording selection under the chateaau control selection in Windows. Printer driver setup is necessary before using this function Page Board ID, or camera ID.

DVR Card, Video Capture Card (VG4C-XP-V)

After activate the VG Player program, the follow is shown: The entire selected file name will be shown and just select for the one to be converted. Edit Program Can only start audio recording when video recording start.


All cameras need to be activated and inactivate at the same time. Soft auto reset system: Please check whether the configuration of your computer vg4c-px the 3.

Chateau XP User Manual

Chateau saved the video files in Click OK to finish the setup. Those three groups of user names and passwords vg4c-x; be completely identical so as for the program to automatically complete the user auto-login.

The address book is used to, when an alarm is triggered; transmit an alarm message to the remote Chateau system via LAN or Internet. If it happens in the remote monitoring mode, it indicates that the host name was not the same with the remote Chateau system or not yet connected with the Chateau system.

To delete the preset point, select the preset point name and click delete.

No function in this section Split screen: The setting then finishes. The size of the file for the highest the image quality is about 4 times more than the default files. Make fg4c-xp is set default at x2.

Snapshot does not have auto-circulate function. Activate Condition Listed below are four items: System functional section must be set up in advance.

Vguard Vg4c-xp Driver – drivers-industries

Adding a remote IP: If the host name is not a local host name, it means that the files are saved from other Chateau host when doing monitoring. After the above installation is finished, Chateau will appear in the Program Folders Menu as illustrated below Before you leave the computer, we cyateau you logout ChateauServer program. Please refer to Chapter 6 Alarms for more detail.


Please refer to Chpater 9: Click the button to reduce the picture. Motion Detection Setup options and close display image options.

Vguard Vg8c Xp Tv Driver – freesfriendly11’s blog

Chateau Vg4c-x automatically adjusts the recording speed to the maximum speed of the CPU if the specified speed exceeds the PC maximum speed for image processing. When clicking this button during fast or slow playback, the playback speed returns to normal.

We will need to re-install the ChateauServer program and setup the system Administer again if the System Administer forgets his password. Please check when under recording status, the files for sound recording and image files are release into same files.