It turns out that the battery was completely drained and it wouldn’t turn on unless it was plugged in for 5 or 10 minutes. Please help us spread the word. Cingular got a few weeks’ jump on T-Mobile, getting a few into consumers’ and business users’ hands by the second week of February while the T-Mobile MDA is officially available Feb. I added 2 GB mini SD card and it works as music player also. I finally got fed up with this phone a few weeks ago when it wouldn’t hold a charge for a whole day, even on standby. You’ll find HTC’s contact information here. It lacks 3G data, but has the benefits of GSM flexibility.

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Can you as Music phone At least I am using it 3.

The Samsung m which was free when I signed up for the plan, the Motorolla Slvr which I loved because it was a Mp3 player and it had a great display, and the Cingular While they bring the advantage of cross-compatibility, they also rule out additional cable-driven features like VGA out or serial ports. We’re not sure what chip the uses but it supports both b and g modes there’s a registry hack to enable g mode only, but you won’t see huge performance improvements because the Pocket PC CPU speed and architecture are bottlenecks.

Cell Phones Cingular I had a problem with my MDA. It is a huge clunky hot mess.

Cingular 8125 Pocket PC Phone Review

Out of that MB of flash, the user gets 43 MB straight out of the box, a pathetically small amount all things considered. Well I has Window operating system, so I have owned my TMobile MDA for about a year now and for the most part, it has been a great little device. Call send and end buttons flank the roomy five-way directional pad and the device has two soft keys to support Windows Mobile 5’s soft key feature.


The shows a very squared-off profile, with a bit of rounding towards the back of the case as its only concession to ergonomics. The keyboard and cingkuar are mounted on separate parts of the device, allowing you to simply slide the display to one side and reveal the keyboard. The EDGE data service for the device performs similarly to the Cingular running on the same network.

The Apache had them poorly illuminated and stuck in the top corners of the key board. I bought my first MDA about a year and a half ago. I’ve had my MDA for cinglaur a year and couldn’t be happier with it. Windows Mobile still needs to mature.

Voice dialing over Bluetooth worked well too press and hold the call button on the headset to initiate voice dialing.

As much as I wish that cinggluar could get some slightly more interesting in terms of memory, the currently commoditized quantities have the small virtue of being cheap. We normally include Spb Benchmark results, however that application isn’t updated very often lately and has trouble running all tests to conclusion on several Windows Mobile 5 devices including the You can, in fact, actually hold it up against your head without feeling like a moron, but most people will still prefer to use a Bluetooth headset or handsfree system.


Today cinhluar the end of our relationship. I have dropped it on all four corners and each one is riddled with cracks. Cinbluar long is the warranty period? Cingouar thought to write a review. Yes it lacks Microsoft Voice Command’s impressive recognition capabilities and range of commands but MS Voice Command does eat up a lot of resources and won’t work over a Bluetooth headset or car kit. Adding to this problem is the misconception that the TMobile stores are useful after the sale of a phone.

Their recent models have taken a turn for the better and the is an example of a decent camera phone.

Cingular Review – Pocket PC Phone Reviews by Mobile Tech Review

Bluetooth, in contrast, just works. Don’t get your hope up for great NES emulator performance, but most cingluag other Windows Mobile 5 compatible game should run fine despite the MHz cinguar. And for those of you who don’t subscribe to Cingular’s unlimited data plan, WiFi is a must, assuming you have an access point at home, work or wherever you wish to use the device for Internet access.

Good phone, will recommend, lots of features. Top row, left to right: Long battery life too. Design and Ergonomics The Cingular has a side-slider keyboard that’s all the rage these days.