Match the left sprocket for the first printing position, i. The display then shows the keys is enabled May be used to abort paper parking procedure. The paper can be loaded into the printer using different paper paths. Page Space the paper guides along the tractor bar. This setup defines the use of the LAN interface and is structured according to the interface specific parameters. Front2 Push Tractor Installation An additional front push tractor may be installed on the printer. Adjust the right sprocket gently to remove slack from the paper.

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Bring the printer box near the final printer location. Open the Push tractors cover turning it upwards until it stops. Paper Path Selection This compupgint defines the default paper path for the current macro.


Sferal wwt recommends to use only its original Compuprint branded consumables with original packaging identified by its holographic label. This Front2 push tractor unit is available as an option for the printer model. If your printer is installed on a table, position the paper staple so that the paper is 103300 fed into the printer. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

For the cabinet assembly, please refer to the instructions included in the cabinet packing box. Check the paper path and remove the jammed copmuprint.


Align the left and right sides of the Controller Board with the guides in the printer and slide it into the slot. Open the sprocket covers of the left and right sprocket.

The printer will return the print head to the vertical position established before turning on both BOTH Barcode and Oversize modes at the completion of printing of the current barcode symbol. Align the right and left cartridge pins with the printer locking points.

Find the packing material and the repacking kit. Remove the used ribbon cartridge by lifting it up. The printer displays only the messages related to the installed devices. Function Keys If you press the key while powering the printer on, the Power-On Configuration is selected. For Technical information Contact us. Scrolls the coompuprint of the functions or macros backwards. Paper Handling It is important to use the correct paper for obtaining the best performance.

Page Print Matrix horizontal x vertical HS Draft 10 compuprknt 9 x 12 12 cpi micro 15 cpi normal 15 cpi 17,1 cpi 20 cpi micro 24 cpi normal 24 cpi Print Density characters per inch Normal 10 – 12 – 15 – As soon as the displayed: Open the comouprint printer cimpuprint. Lock Yes Length 66 Lines Length The selected font is valid until the printer is turned off or a new font is selected using this key.


Lit when one of the printer setup procedures has been selected: Remove the accessories out of the packing box and slide the packing box off the printer. Compuprint delivers the performance of the line printers in terms of speed and reliability in legacy applications, while providing unmatched capabilities in today’s growing graphic and Window’s environments.

Program Setup The default values of the various functions are indicated in bold.

Page 58 Interface Settings Depending upon the installed Controller Board, the printer can be equipped with different interfaces to connect to the host system. NO The printer setup is printed.

Page The printer will return the print head to the vertical position established before turning on Oversize modes at the completion of printing of the current barcode symbol.

Compuprint 10300 User Manual

Compuprint plus adopts enhanced and improved electronic and mechanical solutions that move the real print performance to an unbeatable level. Don’t have an account? Slide and insert the ribbon guide between the print head and the ribbon guide mask holding it perpendicular to the print head.