The Atlassian Community is here for you. This guide covers how to configure a JNDI datasource connection to your database. To make your database driver available to Confluence:. You should have created this in Step 1 above. Database Configuration Supported Platforms.

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This page provides the download links for the JDBC drivers for all conluence databases. Open a console and execute config. This driver is deprecated.

Open a command prompt and run config. It is very important that the user is granted the exact privileges indicated above. When you create a user, specify the tablespace for the table objects as shown above. For backwards compatibility, the property driverName is also recognized.

Administering Jira applications Support

If you forget to do these steps, Confluence will not start up after upgrade and you’ll see the following error:. Related content No related content found.


This page provides the download links for the JDBC drivers for all databases currently supported for Confluence. This database can only be set up by an Oracle database administrator DBA. If you have been evaluating Confluence and wish to transfer your data to a new database, consult the following guide first: The JDBC 41 driver will work under the 1.

The database URL is entered in this format: Oracle is difficult to set up. For Oracle 12c use the Download and extract the appropriate driver from the list below. The latest driver 8. Create a Confluence user for example confluenceuserand grant the following only to that user:. You may conluence to upgrade your database before installing Confluence. Yes No It wasn’t accurate.

Database setup for MySQL. Yes No It wasn’t accurate. If you want to use a later driver, you can download it from the PostgreSQL website. If you’re using Confluence 6.

Stop immediately after the installation, before opening the Confluence Setup Wizard in your browserand follow the steps below. Once logged in, you can type arbitrary SQL commands. If you are migrating Jira to another server confluencw, create an export of your data as an XML backup.


How to find Confluence’s database connection parameters – Atlassian Documentation

For a list of supported databases, see Supported Platforms. Due to licensing constraints, Oracle drivers are jddbc bundled with Confluence. Follow these steps to set up the new configuration:. You will need to make the driver available to your application server, as described in the appropriate setup guide. Yes No It wasn’t accurate. Yes No It wasn’t accurate. The Atlassian Community is here for you.