The Coolpix P is another such wonder in our book. P ISO sensitivities cover a wide range: The Nikon P’s noise behavior demonstrates a preference for retaining as much detail as possible, at the cost of letting more noise come through in the images. The color is natural, not oversaturated, and highlights are nicely contained except for the aforementioned flare in brightly lit scenes with shadow detail there, too. The Leica LCD didn’t turn into an unviewable blob at a very sharp angle. Surely Nikon could have smoothed out the noise, at least with Noise Reduction on.

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I’m the last guy to complain about noise in high ISO images because it lets you get a picture you otherwise would not. A command dial, power-on lamp, power switch, mode coolpjx, shutter release button, zoom control and flash hot shoe are found on top of the camera body.

Canon patent details schematics for a possible RF 90mm F2.

You can read the titles on the spine of the books and see the grain of the leather lighter. You may also like.

Nikon Coolpix P Review: Digital Photography Review

At first, I didn’t find anything over usable. They aren’t the typical digicam wowser settings of super saturated color, high contrast with blown highlights and oversharpened detail. SDHC card compatibility Approx. The P derives its power from a proprietary Lithium Ion battery. They knew they had doolpix Coolpix photographers would love.


Nikon Coolpix P5000

The second shot enables the correction and it does an excellent job straightening out the lines. Macro focus distances for the same lens focal lengths are 1. The first time we saw the Nikon Coolpix P it was just a dream, but the Nikon team at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas could barely contain their excitement. It certainly isn’t the same kind of image you can capture at ISObut if you can tolerate that you’ll get some interesting shots.

For weeks, we’ve been getting hammered with the question “Will Chris and Jordan continue their tradition of doing a Best and Worst year-end episode?

And the things I found helped in the field didn’t seem to make a difference in the lab measurements. This unfortunately isn’t atypical. You would expect a prosumer digicam like the P to weigh a bit more than those thin little subcompacts everyone loves — and it does.

The P has both an LCD and optical viewfinder. What I found very interesting about the distortion control option is that it’s done quickly enough to correct even the live LCD viewfinder image. You can’t use the built-in flash to command the external flash wirelessly and there’s neither a PC sync connector nor one of Nikon’s proprietary Coolpix flash cable connectors to move the flash off camera.

Personally, I prefer seeing the distortion a wide angle view presents as in the keyboard shot in the gallery, taken with Nikon’s original wide-angle converter. No need for the Ray-Bans. I found the 3. Dec 23, Other times a long zoom teases me with the close-ups it can grab. Shutter lag is virtually instantaneous once the shutter button is depressed, but write time even with a high performance memory card slows the capture of the next image in single shot mode.


Nikon Coolpix P – Wikipedia

Everything about this little wonder’s hardware is nicely balanced, clearly laid out, easy to find and use. Not that I admitted it. Best cameras and lenses Yet, using the Voice Recording Scene mode, I was able to record my voice memo and the siren of a fire truck a block away.

So despite my initial disappointment, I grew to appreciate the approach, although I still do wish the in-camera Noise Reduction offered a more aggressive mode as an option. I spent a month with it, p0500 the converters, shooting in Santa Barbara and San Francisco, with flash and without.

Then, back at the computer, I noticed the detail in my high ISO shots was unusually well preserved. Dec 28, mobile. The P has a couple of interesting features that can dramatically improve some images: I did have the advantage of having both wide angle and telephoto conversion lenses to use with the adapter, as p5000 as Nikon’s flagship speedlight.