Remove the screw holding the fixing guide plate and then the plate. U Changing the copy count timing Description Changes the copy count timing for the total counter and other counters. To remove the jammed paper, open the duplex unit. Purpose When performing respective image printing adjustments, used to check the machine status apart from that of the scanner with a non-scanned output VTC-PG pattern. Remove the five screws holding the right cover. The drum is electrically charged by means of a grid to form a latent image on the surface.

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Page 4 Safety warnings and precautions Various symbols are used to protect our service personnel and customers from physical danger and to prevent damage to their property.

Copystar CS Review Overview: Page 1 There is a regular error Causes between the centers of 1. Toner adhered to the transfer roller is removed by the transfer cleaner.

Copystar Cs | Cs :: – Detailed Copier Specifications

Page 3 Adjusting the center line of image printing Make the following adjustment if there is a regular error between the center lines of the copy image and original when copying using the duplex unit. Check the paper storage conditions. For its scanning function, the Copystar CS provides resolutions of, and dpi with a scan speed of up to 10 sheets per minute.


The screen for the selected item is displayed. Copy exposure indicator Description Setting range Initial setting Cooling fan motor 1 CFM Purpose To be reset after partial operation is performed due to problems in the drawers or other sections, and the related parts are serviced.

Copystar CS-2030 Copier (022AX609)

Modulates, demodulates, compresses, decompresses and smoothes out image data, and converts resolution of image data. Press the cursor keys to select a function or item while making settings.

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Toner from the toner cartridge and residual toner collected in the cleaning section are conveyed to the waste toner tank. Also check for continuity within the does not operate.

Purpose To set the surface potential or check main charging. Page Construction of each section The job separator consists of the components shown in Figure Check the number of copies made with the current developer. U Adjusting the center line for scanning an original on the contact glass Adjustment See page G Copy exposure adjustment keys Press the start key.


Breaks the safety circuit when the front cover is opened.

Remove the staple cartridge. U Setting the Tc time-out time cont. U Setting the mode for remote switching cont.

Description Setting range Continuous detection time for remote switching According to the type of the PBX connected, select the mode to connect an outside call. Burst of OFM pulses: While sliding the right cover in the direction of the arrow in the diagram, remove the contact glass.

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Purpose According to user request, copystaf or cancels restriction on the number of sheets. Remove the screw and detach the connector, and then remove the fixing unit thermistor.

U Setting folio size Description Changes the image area for copying onto folio size paper. Also check for thermistor the humidity continuity within the connector cable.

Purpose To check if the switches for paper conveying operate correctly. Tungsten wire Main charger assembly Drum This can then be upgraded up to MB through a standard Ce card slot.