Which Amazon Kindle is best for you? We found that the supplied Alkaline battery lasted for around 8 hours before giving up the ghost. Charging with a USB cable is a great touch, saving you lugging around yet another power pack. The size of a credit only twice as thick, the player certainly gets a wow factor when you take it out of the box. But if you’re still in the market for a dedicated music player, there are still some worthy options out there.

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Creative MuVo player models – Wikipedia

A handy feature is that if you decide to switch off, it’ll remember the exact location that you were last at and resume playing from there once re-activated. What to expect from January’s Consumer Electronics Show. The MuVo’s powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. The NX automatically defaults to music mode, and if there’s either MP3s or WMA files on the flash memory, it’ll begin playing immediately.

The best BBQ tech and gadgets The settings section includes contrast options for the LCD screen and a clever setting that allows you to ‘flip’ the display so that the controls seem creatife to a left-handed person – that’s creative sorry, bad pun thinking on Creative’s part.

The iPod changed the world. Best power banks But if you’re still in the market for a dedicated music player, there are still some worthy vreative out there.


We’ll focus on the MuVo NX first and then we’ll discuss how the supplied software interacts with it. It’s a shame that Creative didn’t bundle in an USB extension lead.

Rather than transplant them all across and make the NX look a little too cfeative, Creative has decided to incorporate a jog dial to provide some of the more advanced features. Another little feature that’s sure to impress. Of course, that all depends on the encoding rate.

Creative Nomad MuVo NX (256 MB)

Mobile by Lynn La Aug 29, One can often discern a company’s attention to detail by having a good look at how the product is packaged and the extras that it arrives with. Carrying Case Case type. Charging with a USB cable is a great touch, saving you lugging around yet another power pack. The package comprises of the MB MuVo NX unit, 2 battery compartments that are presented in either silver or red it’s nice to have a choice, don’t you think?

Pushing the scrolling wheel down into the MuVo highlights a number of options available, some of which are shown on the right-hand picture. Home Entertainment by Ty Pendlebury Oct 28, We would have liked to have seen some form of remote controlling on the earphones.

Which Amazon Kindle is best for you? Track all your stuff!


Leaning over the back of the PC isn’t all that much fun. Voices were generally clear and distinguishable from one another. For the size, the screen does come across rather small, although measuring it up against other MuVo players in the range you realise it’s the same screen found elsewhere. creatkve

The 2p piece should give you some kind of idea of the MuVo NX’s size. The NX, once incorporated back into a battery compartment, switches on via a 3-second depression of the power button that you can see at the bottom of the upper right-hand picture. Packaging is pretty important these days. Playing back mivo 2-minute recording showed it to be quite capable. What’s unusual for a Mb player is the addition of a USB2. With a bit of dabbling, the MuVo NX MB offers all the options associated with a full-size player, including song repeat, folder repeat, shuffle, and shuffle repeat.

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