Only experienced users should use this. I can’t guarantee that this is the best, fool proof method of installing. Only available with proprietary set top boxes. To make life a bit easier, I copied my registry settings so you can download these here. January Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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Let’s check some settings for this card by clicking with the right mouse button on the ” Network Neighborhood ” icon on the Windows desktop and select the option ” Properties “. Installation of the driver can be checked by clicking with the right mouse button on ” My Computer ” and selecting ” Properties “. Shutdown your computer and open the carc so you can access the mainboard.

The big downside of these cards, with the exception of Galaxis and Siemens, is that you should not count on any proper support from their helpdesk.

The exact values aren’t that important. If this is the case, then please use the right mouse button cyberetream click on the Cyberstream application.

Setup the webbrowser proxy-settings. If you experience problems mind you to change the same settings for ” LAN Settings ” as well. Any requests to remove copyright material will be acted upon in a timely and appropriate manner.

Drivers for CyberStream DVB Receiver card for Linux.

DVB-S2 is envisaged contemplate for broadcast services including standard and HDTVinteractive services including Internet access, and professional data content distribution. The value fields can now be altered. The screenshot above this text might be different from what you are seeing on your screen. The standard is based on, and improves upon DVB-S and the electronic news-gathering or Digital Satellite News Gathering system, used by mobile units for sending sounds and images from remote locations worldwide back to their home television stations.


The TBS card comes with an adapter which can be connected to a standard spare Molex 4-pin power connector.

TBS DVB-S2 TV Tuner PCI Card — Digital Satellite TV Tuner Card for PC

After downloading, you will need to unzip the file using for example WinZip. In the systray there where Windows put’s the little clock – in the lower right part of the screen you will see the cyebrstream indicator of Harmonic.

Check ” Specify a location ” and select ” Browse Only experienced users should use this.

The forum however remains. A file save dialog will now appear and will ask you for an appropriate file name, for example ” EON Needs special antena for HD. Take a look at the Dialup-page for more information and tips. Dvn should be After you closed the PC, place the screws back and finally reconnect the power-cord but do not boot your computer yet!

Cyberstream SAT1 Satellite DVB PCI card

Note that default it is set to ” This is not the same password as the one you use for the login at Europe Online! Make sure you entire the right value here check if this should be heximal or decimal numbers.


The reason for this is because technically, the Freeview HD system is a hybrid service which uses a combination of both a terrestrial TV signal and Internet streaming. First try using the default settings transponder DVB-S2 achieves significantly better performance than its predecessors — mainly allowing for an increase of available bitrate over the same satellite transponder bandwidth.

When setup is finished copying files a dialog will appear in order to complete the network settings not in Windows XP and Windows After connecting all cables including the powercord you can switch your computer on so it will boot.

Drivers for CyberStream DVB Receiver card for Linux.

Select ” OK ” – the virtual network driver is installed now – followed by ” Exit and Restart “. And if the ability to record up to four TV channels simultaneously isn’t enough, dvg can even install multiple cards – this scenario is fully supported by the WHQL bit and bit Windows drivers.

In the picture below marked as connector C see image at Step 5.