Anweisungen waren verwirrend oder unklar. Mobile Apps by Lori Grunin Oct 15, The Adobe Max conference brought a taste of Adobe’s cross-device version of Photoshop, art spin-off Project Gemini and a deluge of Creative Cloud updates. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Scroll down the list until you find the driver associated with the database for which you want to create a data source, and then click Finish. The last good Nintendo Switch bundle before Christmas?

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This process consists of three main procedures: You are not licensed to use this product with any application other than MicroStrategy products. Click the Select button in the Database group box. Vous voulez nous en dire plus? The company is redesigning the logos for Word, Excel and PowerPoint for the first time in five years.

Internet Services by Jason Cipriani Dec 14, Start the DataDirect SequeLink 5. Commenti o suggerimenti per la documentazione MicroStrategy Suggerimenti per il miglioramento dei prodotti Informazioni sul packaging e descrizioni dei prodotti MicroStrategy.

Access Any ODBC Database Data as XML Using DataDirect SequeLink

The seuelink you specify must be the same port that was specified for the SequeLink service when the SequeLink Server was installed; the default is Check whether your photos were exposed in latest Facebook bug The social network announced that some users’ unpublished photos were potentially exposed.


Anweisungen waren verwirrend oder unklar. The Administrative Tools window appears.

Grazie per il feedback. Envoyez-nous un e-mail pour nous laisser vos commentaires. Las instrucciones no funcionaban. The instructions are confusing or unclear.

Watch this video and change the way you develop XML applications forever! The social network announced that some users’ unpublished photos were potentially exposed. Mobile by Gordon Gottsegen Nov 8, The following basic information enables you to connect with and test the SequeLink 6.

It’s available for Windows, Linux and Mac. You must complete the steps below to access an Access database stored on a Windows machine from an Intelligence Server hosted on a Linux machine. Le istruzioni non hanno dato il risultato previsto.

Testing the Connection 1.

ODBC-JDBC Bridge for ODBC Access to JDBC Databases – DataDirect Connectivity

Sequellink instructions ne fonctionnaient pas. Here’s how to turn it on YouTube has a dark mode. Execute the env command. Here’s how to find out if you were affected. Merci de vos commentaires.


Mobile Apps by Josh Rotter Dec 11, The company’s encouraging teachers and students to embrace music, drawing, video, photography — and its products.

On the General tab, provide the following information; then, click Apply. This document assumes that you have already installed the SequeLink Server for the database to which you are connecting.

MicroStrategy ODBC Driver for SequeLink

The Control Panel window appears. The Logon to SequeLink Service dialog box appears. Here, we selected a Microsoft Access database driver, so the information displayed in the dialog box is specific to that database.

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