The other interesting detail is that for both cameras individual accessoires were available. Through my research work it was discovered that Microdia built this model. If not I conclude this camera never existed as even the website operater has no information. Plus it used one of these expensive CRA batteries. This camera also used the serial flash module.

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So the longevity of this camera was limited.

Phoenix of America marketed the Phoenix D-1a very rare and hard to find camera. Voice recording was also possible.

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So Canon decided to rebadge the Fc526 for personal computer users. One of the early, cheap CMOS sensor digital cameras that would flood the digital camera market between and Apart from the color, Agfa claimed that the CCD had slightly improved in image quality. The camera was manufactured by Premier Image Technology.

So for a better overview, here are the differences in comparison.

The camera itself was dgiital large and bulky block of plastic and didn’t get good reviews. Certainly not in because Mustek launched it’s VDC in Has a darker tone German Gray. A total of fc526 were produced for the AP. Compact Flash compatibility and the usual specs that regular digital cameras back then had. Due to the rise of the multi-coloured Macintosh computers, these cameras were available in different body colors even transparent.


Kodak marketed the Kodak DCS system in It sold very well among the PC community. I am not sure if Seagull actually sold this camera but the others certainly did.

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Small enough to fit any pocket. A so called dual camera.

Mustek on the other hand is a company that manufactured scanners in the nineties and later on digital cameras and other opto-electronic products. Obsdian Imaging first a subsidiary of Epix then in Epix changed it’s name to Obsidian Imaging took this camera to the next level by developing a way of encrypting the images in the camera to safeguard secret agents. The camera itself was not very good, it tended to overexposure images.

It’s one of the most popular OEM cameras worldwide.

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Sierra later focused more on digital camera processors. Anyone knows something about that one Again Computex Taipei ‘ Relisys is not a digital camera manufacturer.


It featured a 1. An NV-DC therefore does not exist. The cameras all had x pixel resolution, USB interface and a webcam feature.

Something the Nikon CoolPix also could. It included an image sensor, interface, image processor, storage controller, image compression engine, USB interface and a built-in micro controller. The camera took 6 AA batteries and was equipped with a processor that was made by Texas Instruments.

Cameraa camera has the size of a regular 3. Both models are commonly unknown on the internet. Ricoh released this camera after the Ricoh RDC-1 S was well accepted on the market and reviews were good. But Pretec also made this model here and labeled it DC as well!