Liteons are simple to flash but getting the data to dump for you to flash to it is tricky. It scans but does not find a drive even though the computer sees it. Then DOSFlash is not suitable for your motherboard controller. At this point i created my spoof cfw using jf, thought the worst was behind me, i was wrong.. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I have tried to write NS40, N50 and even N In Manual mode you can enter all the parameters used for flashing by hand.

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Hi numbrr, I am new to this forum and liked to say hello before posting my story. Followed the downgrade instructions and all OK but I think I must be ‘copying’ incorrectly because the drive is a brick when I’ve finished. I’d buy a PC dedicated aatpi to drive flashing if I could. There is no option for compatibility support module in the bios, but it worked fine by pressing F12 as it was booting and selecting the USB boot device.

Liteon DGD2S Erase/Flash Support Here! DONT think its a brick read first. | Page 6 | MaxConsole

Thanks, the Phoenix shall rise. DosFlash e 1 a0 1 4 D8 1 D8 is the sector erase opcode for the BenQ flash, if you need to erase another drive, lookup the value in the datasheet or DosFlash. Is there anyone out there willing to do the downgrade for me if I pay to have the drive shipped and returned?


Power and ground goes through to an external adapter, e. So handle it with care! I went to nvidia.

DosFlash v2.0 Build 20110903 Download

In Manual mode you can enter all the parameters used for flashing by hand. Press ESC key to abort!

To verify that the serial adapter works, make sure the serial-port is enabled in the BIOS, and join loop the Tx and Rx pins together pin 2 and 3. HP would be preferred. It’s all about DOS!


Log in or Sign up. The Devilsclaw’s method requires Windows and the Command prompt inside Windowsit’s not a difficult task.

Dumping & Downgrading firmware on UHD Friendly Devices. | Page 2 | RedFox Forum

BOIS will not recognize the drive any more and this happen before with other firmwares. Your name or email address: This way the user has the possibility to sign the drivers on his x64 system with the Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider. This will instantly make the SPI flash write protected for all blocks. The best way to get hold of the correct hacked firmware is to first flash the new drive with iXtreme and verify that it works.


Here are the enclosed files from dosflash to be modified to make it wh16ns40 compatible uhd Thanks. All im getting in dos flash is 0X52 when power is on 0Xd2 when power is off and if i flick the switch quick i can get it in 0X I will test it now.

Select Tools and Spoof Firmware. Hi guys, I seem to have killed my wh14ns40 service code ns50, it is recognized and opens tray but cant read anything.

Dumping & Downgrading firmware on UHD Friendly Devices.

Avoid a bad flash! Everything went well with l-o-erase, after two trials I got the XXF2, but Ah, I did not take the computer apart to check it.

Can this post be given its own thread to increase visibility? You have to import specific data laser calibration and so on from the 1. Did you also try the Dosflash Windows version? Not spoofing the drive will eosflash in an E66 error message during the Xbox booting process.

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