If master login is attempted. Empty lines and lines beginning with ‘ ‘ character are ignored. SQL table creation command: The credentials are never deleted however, so using this might cause problems with other PAM plugins. You can’t use multiple statements in one query, but you could use a stored procedure. I haven’t modified auth. If set, explicitly fails the passdb lookup.

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This allows the proxy behaviour to be selectable per user. Both of those solutions come from the wiki.

AuthDatabase/CheckPassword – Dovecot Wiki

The password is in the given scheme. You probably want to switch this back to “yes” afterward. If you notice that PAM authentication stops working after some time, you can limit the number of lookups done by the auth worker process before it dies: This means that these databases can’t be used with non-plaintext authentication mechanisms.

Set the current authentication state to success, and continue to the next passdb.


Basic Configuration

If “yes”, used to provide “denied users database”. Typically used only for case changes e. Allow user’s network connection to log in from only specified IPs checks against real remote IP, e.

Use another userdb which does the lookup for deliver, for example SQL or static. Other special extra fields. The query can also return other extra fields which have special meaning. Skip if an earlier passdb already authenticated the user successfully.

This also improves the performance. Basic Configuration This page tells you the basics that you’ll need to get a working Dovecot installation. Password Databases Dovecot authenticates users against password databases. The following passdbs will skip password verification.

Skip if user hasn’t yet been successfully authenticated by the previous passdbs. It’s in the following format: If one of them goes down, the others will handle the traffic.

Some PAM plugins need this. This documentation is for Dovecot v2.

Password database extra fields

If only using the result for name: PAM is not itself a password database, but rather its configuration tells the system how exactly to do the authentication. Remove this field entirely. Examples Note that pwssdb can have a special meaning in some SQL databases, so we’re using “userid” instead.


Authenticate against remote IMAP server.

If you encounter an internal error, exit with code Remove ‘ ‘ to use passwd-file: The following passdbs will still verify the password. You’ll need dovscot give Dovecot’s mail processes ability to use this group by changing conf. Do we sometimes want to skip over this passdb? You can either return “user” field containing either user or user domain style usernames, or “username” and “domain” fields Any other fields are ignored. If user doesn’t exist, use exit code 3.

These passdb credentials lookups can be implemented the same way as a userdb lookup i.