It’s no doubt responsible for the DV’s unusually enthusiastic lens flare – but it keeps crud off the lens, as well. The same, but shot with a Samsung DigiMax. Find out more here. The TFT display is used to provide not only a view of what you are shooting but all the on screen menus. Some buttons do double duty for different modes, but none of the important features clash and have to be broken out into a menu. They may be rather stiff, and you have to tweak and shoot and tweak and shoot to get the setting right. The flimsiness of the door means it’s probably a better idea to transfer images from the DV by using its USB lead than by popping out the card and putting it in a separate reader.

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Mustek DV3000

Controls and features The DV doesn’t have even a token optical viewfinder so framing shots in bright sunlight isn’t much fun – that mighty one and three-eighth inch LCD screen washes out easilyand it doesn’t have an off switch that triggers when you close its screen. Focus aside, the DV did a good job on indoor stills. In high quality mode it does about 13 frames per second; that drops to 7fps in low quality mode, and the video compression’s harsher, too. People who keep up with the toy-cam scene will recognise this as the Mustek DV Mobile Accessories by Joshua Goldman Dec 19, And they cost about the same as a rock bottom entry level “proper” digicam – something like a Kodak Easyshare CX or Olympus Camedia C also known as the D Scaling up the medium-res picture and comparing it with the full-res one showed a little less colour noise in the full-res image, but it still wasn’t quite as sharp.


The DV is a mere 86 by 40 by 68mm 3.

A little bean-bag is helpful in situations like this. And, indeed, its top resolution is an impressive for a toy-cam by pixels; 3. Unlike most mustem it does not have a viewfinder, instead it relies on the TFT display, which does give the batteries a bit of a hammering, having said this I have had it on for well over 2 hours and the supplied batteries are still fine They finally packed up after using the camera for about 3 hours. And yes, that’s only 1.

There is a config menu, but it has only five items, and they all fit on the little screen at once. A couple of example Video Clips, which has been processed by VideoStudio, are in the Mustek folder in the software directory. Mustek DV camera Mushek This means its by medium resolution low res mode is by is the real picture size.

It doesn’t come with a little folding tripod, but it does have a standard-thread tripod socket on the bottom, so you can attach it to the tripod of your choice. If you just have RISC OS then the extra video features are no use so you might as well buy a camera without video support but that takes better photos.

Mustek DV – digital camera Overview – CNET

Give Dan some money! CompactFlash is the choice of professional photographers, partly because of its greater physical robustness and partly because of the ultra-capacity cards now available – 1Gb cards are common these days, and fv3000 and even 3Gb models are available. Push it up against a doorframe, sit it on a table, whatever.


vv3000 Description Preowned Camera Mustek DV in very good, working condition, comes boxed with soft case, 2CD, wrist strap, manuals and memory card holder The result is files around half the size, though, and the audio’s just as good; it’s surprising how much difference a nice clear soundtrack can make to a barely watchable video.

The camera is meant to have a 70cm to infinity focal range which is fixed-focus-lens code for “a bit blurry at 70cm, and a bit blurry for distant subjects”but the realistic minimum focus distance for my review camera is more like two metres. Cameras Mustek DV – digital camera Mutsek. Review Us on TrustPilot.

But if you want to get true infinity focus out of dv000 of these cameras, or wind it in for ultra-macro work, you often can do it. It’d be nice if there was a little tripod included as well, but you can’t have everything.

Mustek DV review – Engadget

By toy-cam standards, this picture is a revelation. The difference isn’t huge, but it’s enough to make this camera particularly unsuitable for wide-angle use.

AVI – x Mobile by Stephen Shankland Dec 19, Mustek DV – digital camera Mobile Accessories by Joshua Goldman Nov 5, Conversely, though, it makes it easier for you to fill the frame with a subject without climbing up their nose.

And the headland in the distance isn’t awfully blurred, either.