The fcinfo command may not work in Solaris 8 and 9. Tags port , solaris. Initiator is typically a server with HBA card installed. All Linux Man Pages. My system does see the devices. We can also get a list LUNs coming from a specific storage port i.

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Each listing in the above output is a HBA port. When I run the lputil utility it returns nothing.

Installing an Emulex adapter and driver on a Solaris host

My system does see the devices. Commands to run on Solaris afterwards. Last edited by pupp; at In this post I will try to explain some of the concepts and eumlex commands related to identifying HBA cards, WWN numbers and fiber channel paths.

Also I can see the LUNs on the filer at the moment as well. Emukex initiator initiates the connection over the fiber channel to the storage system. So this is working. WWN stands for the world wide name. Using the prtdiag command In case if the prtpicl command also solarid not work, use the prtdiag command to identify the HBA cards. Find all posts by gwhelan. Thanks for your help. Does this mean I cannot bind lpfc to this adapter at all? My problem now is that lptuil does not recognise the two HBAs I have installed.


You May Also Like. Also how do I configure multipathing? How to mount a NetApp snapshoot to a Solaris server? In that case use the below commands:.

I have worked through the documentation which was really helpful. Thanks for your help so far. Hi Pupp, Thanks for your reply. The syntax for the same is:. Target servers the requests from the initiators for the data.

You can identify various manufactures of the HBA cards from these fields. Tags portsolaris. Netapp filer details – command? View Public Profile for gwhelan. Target is typically the storage system itself.

How to upgrade Emulex Firmware and Driver in Solaris | /zeroconf

They can only use the emulex driver. A system administrator must know some of the basic concepts of storage systems.

Please let me know. We can also get a list LUNs coming from a specific storage port i. Initiator is typically a server with HBA card installed. In that case use the fcinfo command. All times are GMT The time now is