I’ve set sane to debug and attached is a diff of the successful and failed scan passes if anyone can do anything with them. With scanimage on the command line, it warms up the scanner and then says, scanimage: I had the scanner working once upon a time from sane-backends compiled from source 1. Any advice from anyone? Open Source Consulting Domain Registration.

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Having the same problems as matthoffman with my perfection using esfw The script I made is no longer online, because I now have a different internet provider.

Since I hope you will find this procedure as odious as I do, I 1607 the liberty of copying the file to my web server, http: It should contain the firmware file. I’m on Fedora Core 1 kernel 2. I have Ubuntu Feisty Fawn: It may or may not be supported by SANE.

Lerfection project’s site features a list of all supported devices. Note that some acer scanners also use the snapscan backend. If anyone needs the firmware please email me and I will post it on my web site.


Status changed to ‘Confirmed’ because the bug affects multiple users.

A procedure for installing and using the Epson Scanner under Red Hat Fedora Core

I have tried both firmware pperfection available with the same result. Note that I forgot to add the line to restart the sane service.

The pleasure was mine; I like to excercise on bash scripting: I had the scanner working once upon a time from sane-backends compiled from source 1. The Epson Kiowa drivers do not support the Nothing is better, though.

Known problems

After that, the scanner didn’t still working. There are several layers of software that have to work perfectiion for the to work properly. There are many other SANE backends. I did what was suggested in the first post but still no luck.

Supported Scanners

hbuntu It now includes the fix mentioned by edopizza. When I’m back at the computer where I made it to work I’ll give you a script that will set it up. Bus Device Have you tried the other firmware file ESFW So just click upper link to Epson perfection driver ubuntu now.

Sorry my english I’m Spanish. Mikell said, ‘Customers have contacted DDS after they realized that they were on a private DMV site that has charged them for information that is free on our website. Not checking for parallel port scanners.


But the preview scan worked But it cannot be longer than approx 1 or 2 seconds as this is the “timeout” for an idle USB port before being suspended, as you can see from the time left for the scanner to partially move to zero position after a scanimage command ended. This bug has been around since Feisty was released.

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BB code is On. If you need to reset your password, click here. Something like this should be returned: My wife’s desperate to scan some pictures, has even suggested I reinstall windows.