Accuracy of the position information Number and position of the satellites Accuracy of the position information Strength of the signals Number of the satellites. At this point the Foretex appears to be a corporate orphan that no Garmin division is able or willing to support. Estimated time required to travel from the current location to the final destination. The direction from the starting location to the destination or from one waypoint to the next waypoint. Average speed including time while not moving since last reset. Please share your experience. The appears as a USB drive in Windows.

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Garmin Foretrex Review and a Garmin vs Comparison

He also has a bachelors degree in Emergency and Disaster Management and has been interested in prepping and preparedness for close to two decades. Garmin foretrex is a great design for any outdoor fanatic, whether your hiking, cycling, running or even camping it is a useful tool. Coordinates of the current location in WGS84 datum. While the barometric altimeter displays the precise altitude, the electronic compass in this Garmin GPS receiver offers bearing information at all times.

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So you can exercise in close proximity to other sensors without fear of interference. Estimated travel time from the current location to the next waypoint on the current route. Direction to destination Map with waypoints and travelled path track Scale.


Speed and cadence monitorrequires optional speed and cadence sensor. Recommended for use day and night navigation exercises.

One of my Foretrexs expired a few forettex ago and… September 14, Azguy guest Rating: This can be modified very easily to your own preferred setup, the fact that it has so many features is brilliant for such a compact robust design. The angle difference between the direction from your current location to the destination and the direction you are current heading.

Next estimated time en route: Perhaps not surprisingly, the Garmin website has no substantial information of the as of yet and no discussion of what software will work with the Additional Product Features Screen Size. After that it consistently brought me to within six feet of my way-point. I have had many Garmin Navigational Products over the years. Get answers in the gear foretgex forum.

Once calibrated, foretrez is simple, the arrow in the display brought me to within spitting distance of my way-point every time. It keeps the same size, seems just as durable, and adds a great looking display and battery life. It can track your routes, mark your location with the push of one button and wirelessly share waypoints with other Foretrex s. Help support this site by making your next gear purchase through one of the links above. Distance between your current location and the original course straight line between start and destination forertex between the last and the next waypoints.


Garmin Foretrex Reviews – Trailspace

The Foretrex is a workhorse. Foretrexx interested in a durable, reliable, no-frills GPS should be interested in picking up the Garmin Foretrex Estimated arrival time at the next waypoint on the current route. Jim, Thanks for your service! The Foretrex is small, quick to obtain position and I wanted the altimeter.

Garmin Foretrex 401 Review and a Garmin 601 vs 401 Comparison

The glide ratio required to descend from the current location and elevation to the elevation of the final destination. Overall, the Garmin Foretrex is a great little GPS for those that want something, forefrex, reliable and easy to use.

Skip to main content. In my opinion, the Garmin Foretrex is a step up from across the board. Distance from the current location to the final destination straight line. The ease of using the Garmin Foretrex is another strong point. Your Review Have you used this?

A printed quick start guide is in the box but the manual in a pdf on the CD.