Sam Krystantos I just want to thank all of you for taking the time to read my page. How did they help you? During treatment we do scans to see if the chemo is working so I was already NED no evidence of disease. Robert Gorcican did not want to stop fighting after his match in , so he started looking for more ways to get involved in the Fight To End Cancer organization as a whole. No surprise the company struggles. To do this however they need assistance in raising both awareness and money.

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Not cammera dying relative or friend! My position is Ring Announcer. Still have not vamera the patent claims and ruling of violation DGLY’s automatic turnon feature, and the royalties that may be incurred. I believe that we all fight this fight, some of us stay in this world and some of us transition. I found a lump, that at first, whether due to ignorance or fear, I tried ignoring.

Taser with all the synergistic advantages can’t stop the next wave of similar Cam technolgy that will be Price driven. What words of motivation would you give to them, the night of their big fight?

Venturi knows boxing is deeply rooted in instinct. Sadly, we could all share stories of how our lives have been impacted, but with ongoing research and support like what is offered to patients by Princess Margaret Hospital I believe we can achieve the ultimate goal of finding a cure.


The Fight To End Cancer is important to me for many reasons. Most recently my aunt passed away from breast cancer, and prior to that I lost my ftecc just over 12 years ago. It actually happened only by chance.

I am fighting because I can, because the last plug I want to see pulled is on cancer! Therapy sometimes is a very taboo thing to talk about or suggest but I would definitely recommend therapy. Fighting to end cancer is of interest to me because I have lost too many family members to it. Honestly, the idea was mine and I came up with it so that I could share updates and everything all in one place.

Two years ago I lost my hero and mentor, August Schellenberg, to lung cancer. My advice to anyone who is diagnosed is to stay positive, even when it seems impossible. I wouldn’t be fteec to see news about Taser selling cameras to NY also.

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Jennifer explained everything she wanted to accomplish with Fight To End Cancer and this information was all Dr. Just looking around for reasons for today’s sharp decline but not finding any.

I had the opportunity to take part in the Fight To End Cancer last year and had to pull out early on at the time two of my friends were fighting cancer and today only one them is here.


David Venturi has been the ringside doctor for the fight team since the first event in You created a YouTube channel to share your story on your battle with cancer with everyone.


Friday January 27, Article By: Global Legacy Boxing has proven that they will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals, with the energy and support for both boxing and giving back to the community.

Venturi feels especially close to the Cabbagetown Boxing Club where he has received a lifetime achievement award for his involvement with the club.

We at the Fight To End Cancer take great inspiration from his story and will keep working hard so we can end cancer within our lifetime! Like most people all of my hair fell out. They all have one common goal — to Fight To End Cancer. He also set the entertainment bar incredibly high when he literally sang his way into the ring… highlighting just one more of his incredible talents. Buy on sell off tomorrow! She had to undergo a biopsy to get the mass removed. Priced in, thus the bump.

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