It means to save the current BIOS version. Default value Disable onboard 2nd channel IDE port. Check the pin assignment carefully while you connect the COM cable, incorrect connection between the cable and connector will make the device unable to work or even damage it. Please make sure there are no leftover screws or metal components placed on the motherboard or within the computer casing. English Install Chipset Drivers After insert the driver CD, “Xpress Install” will scan automatically the system and then list all the drivers that recommended to install. When handling the motherboard, avoid touching any metal leads or connectors. Product determined to be an unofficial Gigabyte product.

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The option will display “Locked” and read only if the CPU ratio is not changeable.

Fail-Safe Defaults Date The date format is. LED cathode – Pin 1: Manual first edition Apr 11, The information in this More information.

Gigabyte GA-8SGXMP download user guide for free – 41C6D |

No Errors The system boot will not stop for any error that may be detected and you will be prompted. Contains the names of four actions needed to operate the Q-Flash utility. Otherwise, your system won’t boot. For example, 4 GB of memory size will instead ga-8a661gxmp shown as 3.


The “Xpress Install” uses the”Click and Go” technology to install the drivers automatically. Default value Disabled Disable this function. Please aduio us here: Once you have completed this step, subsequent access to Xpress Recovery can also function by pressing the F9 key during computer power on Enabling the functionality of Hyper-Threading Technology for your computer system requires all of the following platform components: You maybe feel a kind of tight.

Hard Disk Select your boot device priority by Hard Disk. Please make sure the heatsink is installed on the CPU prior to system use, otherwise overheating and permanent damage of the CPU may occur.

Grasping the CPU firmly between your thumb and forefinger, carefully place it into the socket in a straight and downwards motion. If the push pin is inserted as the picture, the installation is complete.

Download Center automatically runs a system check of the user PC and provides the user with the current system information as well as displaying a detailed list of all new drivers with the option for download.


Xpress Recovery2 is compliant with the GPL regulations. Type “N” will return to Setup Utility. Use this feature only when your stereo system has digital input function.

Default value All, But Diskette The system boot will not stop for a disk error; it will stop for all other errors.

Gigabyte GA-8S661GXMP Drivers

Press Y on your keyboard to save and exit. Week The weekday, from Sun.

The trademarks More information. Memory modules are designed so that they can ga-8s661gxxmp inserted only in one direction. Press any key to startup XpressRecovery Please add an even layer of heat sink paste between the CPU and heatsink. Intel Pentium 4 Processor Motherboard.

Avoid twisting or bending motions that might cause damage to the CPU during installation. For details about manual, see the info below.

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English 1 Pin No. User s Manual 4 2. Hard disks detection sequence is as follows: