A list of country dialing codes may be especially useful if you are traveling internationally. MP3 files end in the file extension. Otherwise, you may be violating copyright law and be subject to payment of damages and other remedies. Your convertible tablet PC’s default settings operate the processor at full speed while connected to AC power and at reduced speed which uses less power while using battery power. If you spill liquid on the keyboard, turn off your convertible tablet PC and turn your convertible tablet PC upside down. Your e-mail address is assigned when you sign up for an account with an ISP. You cannot use your standard telephone modem to connect to the Internet while sending and receiving faxes.

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Calibration The first time you use your convertible tablet PC, you should calibrate your pen for both portrait and landscape orientations.

Business networks are typically built using Fast or Gigabit Ethernet components.

Gateway Technical Support will need this information if you call for assistance. Upgrading Your Gateway M Preventing static electricity discharge The components inside your convertible tablet PC are extremely sensitive to static electricity, also known as electrostatic discharge ESD. Mouse rollers 5 Replace the mouse ball and lock the retaining ring into place. Writedown your convertible tablet PC model number and serial number see “Identifying your model” on page 10 in case of theft or loss, and keep the information in a safe place.


For more information, see “Tablet control buttons” on page The Edit Track Tag s dialog box opens.

Gateway Gateway M275 Audio Driver

Gateway model number The label on the bottom of your convertible tablet PC contains information that identifies your convertible tablet PC model and its features. Microsoft WordPad starts and a blank document opens.

Press a third time to return the display 2m75 the normal brightness setting. You can also adjust settings such as the screen background and screen saver. The next time you turn on your convertible tablet PC, it reads the memory information from the hard drive and opens the programs and documents that were open when you activated Hibernate mode.

SOLVED: Gateway M sound driver software – Fixya

Th eProperties dialog box opens. Disconnect all peripheral devices gwteway remove any PC Cards. When the Fax Console is open, it detects incoming faxes and stores them in the Inbox. Attached to the access point is the cable or DSL modem that provides access to the Internet.


The most common types are i n kj et and laser printers, which print in color or black and white. Printers You can attach almost any type of printer to your convertible tablet PC. Use Help and Support to answer questions about Windows. For soun information, see “Adding and removing a PC Card” on page Protect your convertible tablet PC from a virus by: If the module does not fit, make sure that the notch in the module lines up with the tab in the memory bay.


Gateway M275 sound driver software – Computers & Internet

If you do not have a high-capacity backup device and you want to purchase one, you can contact Gateway’s Add-on Sales department or visit the Accessories Store at accessories. Speaker Provides audio output when headphones or amplified speakers are not plugged into your convertible tablet PC or port replicator.

For more information, see “Bottom” on page 7. To view the drives on your convertible tablet PC: Be careful not to damage the LCD panel.

Remove the bezel from your convertible tablet PC by pulling the bezel toward you and at the same time lifting its front to clear the keyboard. Security Get a locking cable for your convertible tablet PC so you can attach a cable lock and leave your convertible tablet PC in your hotel room while you are away.

Using the Internet Using e-mail E-mail electronic mail lets you send messages to anyone who has an Internet connection and e-mail address.

You do not need to restart your convertibletablet PC when changing most cards because your convertible tablet PC supports hot-swapping. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. When you decide where you want the file or folder to go, you paste it there. Tell gteway some more!