Any help would be great. It might be hard to understand just because of my wording, but here you go:. Zaphod77 Dec 25, at 2: What should I do? Have any contact email address? I figured that would probably happen to someone.

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The two bundled emulators worked great as well.

Nice review ahtin New client epink here: Thought he said EZ Flash for some reason. Before he said it worked once, but then it stopped working. It takes years for those kind of things to run out anyway. Is it megabits or megabytes? Sorry not to just throw this in with my previous post, but I thought I should just clarify, if for no other reason than for my own elnk of mind — I will be playing this on a Nintendo DS Lite.

Dec 16, Boston, MA. Sep 25, Markham, Ontario. Similar threads with keywords: After playing for about gna hour, I turned it off, turned it back on to finish saving, then left it for about an hour.


I realized my mistake after I wrote this, however it is inconsequential. Log in or Sign up.

New GBA Flash Card – USB GBE Elink

Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. They run through a file bearing the same name as the firmware update file; does applying the skin file alter vba firmware or just the appearance?

It does everything we expect it to do, and nothing more. Nero Dec 10, This cartridge is nice and cheap, and probably the best choice if you are a flink gamer, or have already played all of the old classics and just want to relive some of them.

Review of ELINK GBA cartridge

You totally revamped it. Yes, my password is: Similar threads with keywords: The golden finger cheats the elinkk The cheat option on this menu is not limited to cheating, but deals with pretty much everything with the rom, this includes soft reset, cheats, and changing the name of the rom. A white screen shows for a split second when you activate cheats. The skin looks nice too.

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They elini quite a complete list, however the translations are done poorly. Posted about 10 years ago Quote Permalink. Tomato, I believe we should put the eLink back up on the first post since it now works and has been tested! Heh, oh yeah, I did send it to you! I’ve never actually played Fire Emblem before, getting the ELink is a perfect chance for me to catch up.


Nov 5, Blois. You simply add games by clicking the add button, and right clicking will bring up a list of things you can do.

I loaded the old save again and played more, again. If it does NOT, then just open the regular elink. I figured that would probably happen to someone.

Now, finally, you can put the darned game on it. Is there a post somewhere that ekink how to set this thing up?