Using gettext method for the specific element using Selenium WebDriver asked Apr 10 in Selenium by xyz 1, points selenium selenium-webdriver java. It is nice to know these technical details. Email me at this address if my answer is selected or commented on: My area of interest is Automation testing. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Clicking the Link by locating it using XPath Statement aada. Using getFirstSelectedOption with Multi-Selection Box field to retrieve the label text of the option that is selected first in the field aafp.

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Lyu 4 Using deselectByValue command to deselect the list option from the Multi Select Box field using its value aafa. The point is that you need to do some basic research and have at least a basic understanding of what you are asking before you ask the question.

java – Difference b/w getText() and getAttribute() in Selenium WebDriver? – Stack Overflow

Locating first child last child and nth child with CSS path aadl. Using selectByValue command with Drop Down field aafd. If you like my posts, please like, comment, share and subscribe. Only one test should be written inside a single test method aagh. Send us an email at support edureka.


Method 1: getAttribute(): Why, What and How to use? – Make Selenium Easy

Using click predefined method for selecting a check box option aabg. I thought of sharing my knowledge through posts and now I am here. Using click jn clicking a link aafj. You clearly didn’t do that because if you just google your own question you would have found the answer.

Practice CSS Path aadu. But If its downvoted like this, then its no use of raising questions.

Using getFirstSelectedOption with drop down field to retrieve the label text of the list option that is currently selected aafo. Sign up using Email and Password.

Using getAttribute “value” method for retrieving text from the text fields. Why, What and How to use? Using sendKeys predefined method for entering text aabe. Post as a guest Name. Using click command for deselecting a check box ni aaen. Email me if my answer is selected or commented on. In above html tag we have different attributes like srcaltwidth and height. Using isSelected method to get the status of the radio button aaeq.

If you want to get the any attribute value from above html tag you have to pass attribute value in getAttribute method. We can retrieve values for this attribute using getAttribute method.


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Using isEnabled to find out whether the text box field is in enabled state or disabled state aaes. Only one test should be written inside a single test method aabv.

Hope you must have learnt new things. Absolute CSS Selector path aadf. Wild Methor usage in XPath aacm. Identifying few sample real time tests for implementing the Refactoring concept aabt.

Understanding how close and quit commands work when more than one window is opened aaej. More exactly, this method will return the value of the given attribute, unless that attribute is not present, in which case the value of the property with the same name is returned for example for the “value” property of a textarea element.

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